I'm an ex-obits writer for The New York Times and the author of Life Is A Wheel: Love, Death, Etc, and a Bike Ride Across America.

Benjamin Kaplan, Crucial Figure in Nazi Trials, Dies at 99

nytimes.com — Judge Benjamin Kaplan, who as an Army officer helped craft the indictment of the Nazi war criminals who were tried at Nuremberg, and who later became a Harvard law professor and served nine years on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, died Aug. 18 at his home in Cambridge, Mass.

David Broder, Political Journalist and Pundit, Dies at 81

nytimes.com — David S. Broder, who skillfully straddled the line between commentary and reportage for more than four decades as a political correspondent and columnist for The Washington Post and who spread his influence on television as a Sunday morning pundit, died on Wednesday in Arlington, Va. He was 81.

Choo Choo Coleman, a Catcher With the Original, Woeful Mets, Dies

nytimes.com — Choo Choo Coleman, a catcher for the Mets during their comically dismal early seasons - and a fond, chuckle-inducing memory for Mets fans - died on Monday in Orangeburg, S.C. The cause was cancer, The Associated Press reported, citing a niece who said he was 80, born on Aug. 18, 1935.

Philip Bialowitz, Who Escaped a Nazi Death Camp and Testified in Court, Dies at 90

nytimes.com — Philip Bialowitz, a Polish Jew who escaped Sobibor, a secret Nazi extermination camp, in the aftermath of a dramatic prisoner uprising and bore witness to the horrors of the Holocaust in a powerful memoir and in courtroom testimony, died on Aug. 6 in Delray Beach, Fla. He was 90.

Obit for the Obits

nytimes.com — No sense in burying the lede. This week, after more than eight years of lively habitation in one of journalism's more obscure corners, I'm making a final egress, passing on. Starting after Friday's deadline (ha!) I am an ex-obit writer. Here's my legacy. A thousand salutes to the departed, something like that.

John Vaccaro, Iconoclastic Director, Dies at 86

nytimes.com — John Vaccaro, a theater iconoclast whose avant-garde troupe, known as Playhouse of the Ridiculous, helped establish Off Off Broadway as a source of antic creativity and thumb-in-the-eye subversion of social and artistic conventions, died on Sunday in Manhattan. He was 86. The cause was complications after surgery for an aneurysm, said his sister, Barbara, his only immediate survivor.

Andre Dubus's Hard-Luck Stories

nytimes.com — LEAD: NAKED, IN HIS WHEELCHAIR, Andre Dubus has another story, this one about a quadriplegic friend who was recently challenged to a bar fight. Barrel-chested, with a gray beard and the weathered red countenance of a man who has both suffered and enjoyed quite a lot, Dubus, 52, is an animated raconteur.

Seena Hamilton, a Pioneer in Youth Tennis, Is Dead at 92

nytimes.com — Seena Hamilton, a tennis mom who founded and directed the junior tennis tournament known as the Easter Bowl, a leading testing ground for young players on their way to college and pro careers, died on Saturday in Kingston, N.Y. She was 92. The cause was cardiac arrhythmia, a complication of Alzheimer's disease, her son, Bryan Fineberg, said.

Chris Costner Sizemore, the real patient behind ‘The Three Faces of Eve,’ dies at 89

seattletimes.com — Chris Costner Sizemore's story was more complicated than either the film or subsequent memoirs revealed. Share story At the start of the 1957 movie "The Three Faces of Eve," the British-born journalist Alistair Cooke, who narrates the film, appears on camera to tell viewers that the incredible tale they are about to see is a true story, not suggested by or based on something that happened, but a facsimile of actual events.

Chris Costner Sizemore, the Real Patient Behind ‘The Three Faces of Eve,’ Dies at 89

nytimes.com — As she grew older, she would be punished for acts of disobedience or cruelty that she could not remember committing, she said. She would be baffled by a test in school that a different personality had prepared for. She never finished high school.
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