Op-Ed columnist, Pulitzer Prize winner, @nytopinion. Author: Year of Voting Dangerously “Bushworld: Enter at Your Own Risk” and “Are Men Necessary?”

September 28, 2016 full episode transcript

cbc.ca — Music: Theme] SOUNDCLIP What I think about Hillary Clinton is, I imagine to be a very bright woman without the courage of her convictions because I'm not even sure what they are. ANNA MARIA TREMONTI: Comedian Jon Stewart speaking without the punch line, even as Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton basks in what so many politicos and pundits have pronounced a winning first debate performance.

Build Better LA and affordable housing; Debate prep with Maureen Dowd

kcrw.com — Two of November's ballot measures aim to tackle the need for more housing. The first, Build Better LA, aims to address the city's affordability crisis. The second is a Beverly Hills initiative that's become the subject of a bitter campaign. Next, Gov.

This Week's Bestsellers: September 26, 2016

We're Not Alone - NYTimes.com

nytimes.com — Talk about your wacky military optimism. Just in time for Independence Day and the big U.F.O. bash in Roswell, the Air Force has finally coughed up an explanation of what happened in the New Mexico desert that caused untold numbers of Americans to believe that the military covered up a 1947 spaceship crash.

The Year of Voting Dangerously

indiebound.org — Maureen Dowd's incendiary takes and takedowns from 2016--the most bizarre, disruptive and divisive Presidential race in modern history. Trapped between two candidates with the highest recorded unfavorables, Americans are plunged into The Year of Voting Dangerously.

Maureen Dowd’s Latest Book on Everything Hillary and Donald

nytimes.com — She focuses most of her columns about him on the pig part. Her Trump is a thin-skinned, nativist narcissist whose campaign consists of saying crazy things, then defending them, then explaining (often to Dowd herself) that he didn't really mean them, before admitting that he actually did.

Fertility doctor impregnated several patients, affidavit says

statnews.com — INDIANAPOLIS - A retired Indianapolis fertility doctor used his own sperm at least 50 times instead of donated sperm that his patients were expecting, impregnating at least eight women decades ago, court documents say. Dr. Donald Cline, 77, pleaded not guilty Monday to two felony obstruction of justice charges for misleading authorities who were investigating complaints from two of the now-adult children against him.

Zika infection causes microcephaly in monkey study

statnews.com — For those still skeptical that the Zika virus is causing brain defects in babies infected in the womb, a new study provides some pretty strong evidence. Researchers from the University of Washington reported Monday that they infected a pregnant pigtail macaque monkey, then monitored the development of her fetus.

Donald Trump to release results of his physical on "The Dr. Oz Show"

statnews.com — As pundits obsess about Hillary Clinton's pneumonia, Donald Trump is preparing to make his own health news - by releasing the results of his most recent physical. His platform: "The Dr. Oz Show." A teaser for the Thursday episode says that Trump will discuss his "personal health regimen" with host Dr. Mehmet Oz.

The surprising history of the war on superbugs

statnews.com — "We may come to the end of antibiotics. We may run clean out of effective ammunition, and then how the bacteria and moulds will lord it." If you had to guess where those words came from, you might well say a recent news segment on TV, or perhaps an op-ed published by a frantic doctor.
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Sep 29, 2016

Best literary ref goes to @iamsambee: "Trump never considered the possibility that Hillary might be a Count of Monte Cristo over-planner"

Sep 29, 2016

RT @adamnagourney: Even in an age of shouting, understatement can be most powerful way to make case. Read @michikokakutani to the end. https://t.co/dWuzyKpBsz

Sep 29, 2016

RT @michikokakutani: New book on Hitler's rise examines roles played by his "bottomless mendacity" & gifts for demagoguery & showmanship: h…

Sep 29, 2016

RT @daveweigel: Actual quote from interview I just conducted with Alec Baldwin: “I want someone to go through the etymology of the word ‘asshat.’"

Sep 29, 2016

4/4: @realDonaldTrump in 2006 on @HillaryClinton Iraq vote "Don’t forget that decision was based on lies given to her”

Sep 29, 2016

3/4: @realDonaldTrump from a 2006 column "@HillaryClinton should be forgiven for her 'horrendous' vote to authorize the war"

Sep 29, 2016

2/4: @realDonaldTrump in a 1999 column refers to W. as the anointed "son of the president who should have finished the war''

Sep 29, 2016

2/4 @realDonaldTrump in a 1999 column refers to W. as the anointed "son of the president who should have finished the war''

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