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One reason the gender pay gay is shrinking is because men’s wages have fallen 7% since 1979 — The gender pay gap in the US is an ugly reality. For every dollar men make, women make 83 cents, and progress toward closing it has largely stalled in recent years. If there's good news, it's that the gap has closed considerably since 1979, when women made 62 cents for every dollar earned by a...

To fix college athletics, make players employees of the universities. — College sports in America are broken. Consider, for example, the events at Baylor University, where members of the football team treated the school as a "hunting ground" for sexual assault, according to one of the eight law suits filed by female students against the school.

Twitter (TWTR) is a cultural success and a business failure — This should be Twitter's time to shine. In its 10 years of existence, the site has evolved from a curiosity to an indispensable part of the global communications landscape. If there were any doubts about its centrality to the pubic discourse, they've been dispelled by the current US presidential campaign.

AT&T will buy Time Warner in a deal worth over $80 billion — Quartz — AT&T has reached a formal agreement to buy Time Warner, according to the Wall Street Journal. The deal is expected to be announced later on Saturday in the US. AT&T is reportedly paying between $105 and $110 a share in cash and stock for Time Warner, at a valuation of more than $80 billion.

NASA images appear to show the Schiaparelli spacecraft crashed on Mars — Quartz — Better luck next time, guys. A joint European/Russian mission to Mars appears to have failed, after NASA released images showing what looks like a crash site where the Schiaparelli spacecraft was supposed to have landed. The plan was for Schiaparelli, launched in March this year, to land on Mars Oct.

The DDOS attack yesterday reminds us of how vulnerable we are to flaws in technology — For as long as there's been an internet, its evangelists have assured us increased connectivity will yield a brighter future. The web, they've said, will bring us closer through new forms of mass communication, connect us to business and government to give us more power over our lives, and deliver a whole new world of goods and services.

Wonder Woman as a UN mascot is a controversial pick, but the protestors should cut this pop culture icon some slack — These are interesting times for Wonder Woman. On the one hand, the character-who turns 75 this year-was the one bright spot in this summer's otherwise bleak Batman Vs. Superman, and she'll even headline her own movie next year. On the other, she's being blasted for having been named a United Nations "honorary ambassador for the empowerment...

A Barron's editor inadvertently revealed layoff plans with a reply-all email to the staff of the Wall Street Journal (NWS) — Wall Street Journal editor Gerard Baker sent out an email this afternoon (Oct. 21) to his staff, announcing a round of voluntary buyouts. In response, Barron's president Ed Finn-whose publication, like the WSJ, is owned by News Corp.'s Dow Jones-emailed back asking what the terms of the buyout would mean for an upcoming round of...

AT&T's proposed merger with Time Warner has echoes of the AOL-Time Warner fiasco (TWX) (T) — Time Warner-the owner of HBO, Turner, and DC Entertainment-is on the brink of an acquisition by AT&T, a telecommunications giant eager to control content it can use to fill its wireless, cable, and satellite pipes. (Bloomberg first reported the talks, and the Wall Street Journal said a deal could be completed over the weekend.)

UK parliament voted to strip billionaire Topshop owner Sir Philip Green of his knighthood — Being a knight isn't what it used to be. In the Middle Ages, being knighted meant joining an elite society of chivalrous warriors. Now, it means keeping company with Rod Stewart and a collection of mostly anonymous business people. Still, once the honor is given, few are eager to give it up, so it was notable that...
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Oct 28, 2016

Today's scandalous @qz #markethaiku Wall Street’s citadels Of finance, sent trembling On account of sexts 😳

Oct 28, 2016

@jimaley @Reuters Funny, my takeaway from this was Snap's IPO is going to rock

Oct 27, 2016

Today's FASB-approved @qz #markethaiku: EBIT, EBITDA non-GAAP. Crafty accounting Makes us LOL 😆

Oct 27, 2016

RT @mcwm: Microsoft: Here’s the future of desktops they’re awesome Apple: Here’s three laptops with the same name #appleevent

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