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Better to sell too early than too late. Just ask Yahoo — Few business decision provoke as much second-guessing as timing the sale of a company. Sell too early and you leave money on the table. Sell too late and you're ridiculed for your arrogance. Yahoo is a textbook example of the latter. The internet pioneer, which peaked in 2000 with a market cap around $125 billion,...

UFC: Why KKR, Michael Dell, and Silver Lake are backing the world’s most violent sport — Sports are not about winning and losing, upsets, buzzer-beaters, or the triumph of the human spirit. Sports are entertainment, first and foremost a vehicle used to capture eyeballs and sell advertising. Or pay-per-view subscriptions in the case of UFC, the legalized barbarism that just sold for a reported $4 billion to the WME-IMG sports agency, in a deal backed by a...

Hyatt Hotels tries designing the front desk with empathy to make hotel check-ins less painful for customers (H) — Virtually every traveler has endured the same, numbing ritual: You stand at a counter, biding your time as a clerk mysteriously types away, their eyes focused on a screen you never see. If you're really unlucky, you can repeat this process three times in one day, at the airport, at the rental car outlet, and at the hotel....

Microsoft has made yet another cringeworthy attempt to come off as cool — Microsoft, a company desperate for credibility with a new generation, is drawing ridicule for its painful new attempt to ingratiate itself with a younger crowd. A party invitation addressed to "bae interns" promised them "hella noms," "lots of dranks," and beer pong. The sign off?

Messi and other soccer stars avoid taxes by exploiting a basic human right — At the heart of the tax-evasion case against soccer star Lionel Messi is the capitalization of a basic human right: the ability to control your own image. Messi and his father were sentenced by a Spanish court today to 21 months in prison for defrauding the state of €4.1.

Your next job interview might be a one-sided, taped video — Job interviews can be terrifying for college and grad students. Now, to ratchet up the anxiety, they're being conducted via video over your computer, to be analyzed and dissected at a layer date. An increasing number of employers are using video recordings to replace on-campus interviews.

AstraZeneca’s cholesterol-drug gambit is the latest tactic from a company skilled at them — AstraZeneca, the UK drug maker, is trying to extend patent protection for Crestor, its blockbuster cholesterol drug. If it pulls it off the long-shot gambit, it will be another deft maneuver from a company skilled at getting out of tight scrapes. Astra received FDA approval to use Crestor to treat children with extremely high levels of...

Why are we surprised by Brexit? — Since the formation of the European Union in 1991, it's been an article of faith among its champions that the forces that gave it birth would move it in only one direction. "Progress towards an ever closer union" is enshrined in its founding language.

Can Cadillac be cool again? — Picture the Mercedes logo in your head. Easy, right? A three-pointed star. You could draw it from memory if asked. Now do the same for BMW. Maybe a bit harder, but still pretty simple. Now try to picture the Cadillac logo. Not at all simple.

The strange story of a fertility drug made with the Pope’s blessing and gallons of nun urine — The history of pharmaceuticals is full of chance encounters and quirky events. Alexander Fleming stumbled across penicillin when it grew as a mold in his messy lab. Viagra was intended to treat hypertension before researchers noticed, ahem, certain side effects. But perhaps no drug has as peculiar an origin story as Pergonal, a hormonal fertility treatment responsible...
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Jul 26, 2016

RT @jasemurphy: @Ostaley nice piece! Sell out late, you can measure your opportunity cost to the penny. Too early, though? ignorance is bliss...

Jul 25, 2016

Recreational hatchet throwing is apparently a thing. (it's BYOB) 

Jul 25, 2016

RT @reason: Atheists decry Democratic National Committee plot to "out" Sanders for alleged non-belief 

Jul 25, 2016

"I made my money selling too soon" said Bernard Baruch. A lesson @Yahoo learned too late. My latest on @qz 

Jul 25, 2016

Spent family vacation conducting research on whether @united is world's worst airline. Will post results soon.

Jul 23, 2016

RT @HarvardBiz: Women entrepreneurs do just as well as men — except when their investors are men. 

Jul 23, 2016

Passengers at Denver airport seem to gravitate toward the extremely fit or the morbidly obese.

Jul 22, 2016

RT @robturbo: Ugh Tim Kaine? So boring! Why can't Hillary inject some excitement in this election where the other candidate is an unstable…

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