What was your first job as a journalist?

I worked in PR for a property management company: wrote stories, sent press releases, and designed a newsletter.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yes and lots of correction fluid.

How is social media changing news?

It puts more eyes on the story but can't be relied on for veracity and balance.

Who's your favorite fictional journalist?

I like Lois Lane.

What does it mean to be a journalist?

To care about and empathize with fellow human beings and to connect us together through stories

What's the funniest news-related #hashtag you've seen?

How do you prefer to be pitched on stories?

Contacting me via email is best. I'm accepting pitches for travel destinations and love to go on press trips.

What tools and software do you use to do your job?

The basics: Word, InDesign, PhotoShop

What's your favorite social network?

I prefer face-to-face communication. If that's not possible, let's chat on the phone.

Who do you wish followed you?

The people I admire most

Why did you become a journalist?

To lead by example

Did you work for your high school newspaper? If so, what did you do there?

I wasn't on the newspaper staff in high school, but I was editor of the literary-art magazine.

What story are you most proud of writing or working on?

Amsterdam by Design

What advice can you offer to aspiring journalists?

Read incessantly, learn grammar, and write a lot. Listen to the rhythm of the language in your head as you write. Make it musical.

When's the best time to pitch you?

I'm at deadline every month roughly from the 15th to the 25th, so that's not a great time to get in touch.

What's the best pitch you ever got?

I like to receive pitches for story ideas that involve adventure, food, and fun!

What's the worst pitch you ever got?

I get a lot of product pitches and we don't review products.

What's your favorite drink?

Cherry martini

When you're not at a computer, where are you most likely to be?


Aside from your own, what's your favorite publication to read?

I enjoy reading magazines about yoga, food, travel, spirits, health, and natural living.

What's the most common misperception about your beat?

People think travel writing is easy, but the hardest part is creating a theme that threads through the story and makes it meaningful.

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