New York Times reporter focusing on China. U.S. Navy veteran. Hoya. Views expressed are my own. Retweets = this is interesting

Documentary to Feature Hong Kong Democracy Protests — Read in Chinese | 点击查看本文中文版 A year has passed since the police fired tear gas on pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong, setting off a huge sit-in protest movement that took control of a large portion of the center of the city for more than two months, generating headlines the world over and shocking the Communist Party leaders in Beijing.

Protests in Hong Kong Have Roots in China’s ‘Two Systems’ — It is the wording of the Basic Law, and the legislature's interpretation of what it means, that set off the dramatic street protests in Hong Kong last week. Article 45 of the law, which was ratified in 1990, states that Hong Kong's top leader, the chief executive, should eventually be chosen "by universal suffrage upon nomination by a broadly representative nominating committee in accordance with democratic procedures."

Occupy Central Series: Dan Garret on Beijing’s Role in Candidate Filtering — Mike Forsythe continues his excellent coverage of Hong Kong politics, with his third Question and Answer piece with Michael Tien. Tien argues that, "the referendum is pushing for a nomination procedure that is without restriction, and that is steadfastly being ruled out by China, and they're very serious about it.
Oct 28, 2016

RT @spiffykt: Stumbled across this 1920 women's suffrage postcard. The top rung of that ladder says "Presidency."…

Oct 28, 2016

RT @Nate_Cohn: Clinton has an 18 point lead in NC early voting with more than 1 million votes cast, according to our estimates

Oct 28, 2016

RT @NYTimesChina: UBS Is Under Investigation in Hong Kong Over Its I.P.O. Work: The Swiss bank could face fines or suspensions ...

Oct 28, 2016

RT @herbertnyt: “If you are not guilty, why should you be afraid?” Phillippine mayor tells NYT in Aug. Today he is killed by police.

Oct 28, 2016

RT @climatemegan: I got a 2-year ban from the IMO for quoting remarks made in a plenary debate. @edking_CH has been following the biz…

Oct 27, 2016

RT @mviser: A 100-year-old black woman who has lived in the same NC town her entire life had her voting registration challenged.

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