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'American Pastoral' Review: Ewan McGregor Doesn't Do Philip Roth Justice — The better the book, the worse the movie - that sad-but-true rule has few exceptions. And American Pastoral, first-time director Ewan McGregor's calamitous take on Phillip Roth's Pulitzer-winning 1997 novel, is awful enough to cement the rule in stone. McGregor and screenwriter John Romano misread the novel at every turn, draining it of life, power and purpose.

'Moonlight' Review: African-American Coming-of-Age Tale Is a Gamechanger — It's impossible to pinpoint exactly how Barry Jenkins's Moonlight gets inside your head and makes you see the world with new eyes. But it does - and then it owns you. This is a game-changer, the kind of movie that defies glib categorization.

'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' Review: Tom Cruise Returns, Mad as Hell — Tom Cruise, putting a dimmer on his mega-watt smile, is back busting heads in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, once again playing the ex-military-cop-turned-road-warrior in defense of the disenfranchised. Critics were snotty four years ago when Cruise first played Reacher, because the 5'7" actor is the physical opposite of the six-five, 250-pound bruiser that crime novelist Lee Child created on the page.

'Certain Women' Review: Tales of Females on the Verge is A-List Showcase — Kelly Reichardt makes films that unfold at the speed of life, not Hollywood. She's a poet of the space between words, and the hypnotic and haunting Certain Women presents the writer-director at her artfully attentive best.

'Little Sister' Review: Indie Comedy Channels John Waters, John Hughes — Zach Clark has directed a sad comedy about a dysfunctional family for what he calls "the little goth girl in all of us." Thanks, we needed it. In Little Sister, a skillful blend of humor and heartbreak (minus sappy sentiment), Clark takes us to places and head spaces we don't see coming.

'The Accountant' Review: Ben Affleck's WTF Thriller Doesn't Add Up — Preposterous can be defined in many, many ways. But for now, let's use the plot details of The Accountant as Exhibit A. Ben Affleck, bravely tackling an impossible role, stars as Christian Wolf, a math wiz whose position on the autism spectrum has made him perfect material to moonlight as a paid assassin.

The Girl on the Train — Rachel (Emily Blunt), who is devastated by her recent divorce, spends her daily commute fantasizing about the seemingly perfect couple who live in a house that her train passes every day, until one morning she sees something shocking happen there and becomes entangled in the mystery that unfolds.

'13th' Review: Damning Doc on Racist Prison System Deserves an Oscar — Note to the Academy: The Oscar for this year's Best Documentary belongs to 13th, Ava DuVernay's incendiary, indelible and indispensable document about the myth of racial equality in America. As we all learned in school, the 13th amendment - enacted on Jan. 31, 1865 - abolished involuntary servitude in these United States.

'Girl on the Train': Emily Blunt Powers a Sex-Lies-and-Murder Mystery — Sinking into the film version of the Paula Hawkins bestselling mystery-thriller The Girl on the Train, the first thing you notice missing is England. That's right, Hollywood has replaced that misty London train from which said girl thinks she witnesses sex, violence and maybe murder with a Westchester commuter express whooshing in and out of Manhattan's Grand Central Station.

'Birth of a Nation' Review: Slave-Rebellion Drama Will Leave You Stunned — Here's a tough question: Do you judge Nate Parker's The Birth of a Nation as a film, or put the man behind it on trial as a former student at Penn State in 1999 who was accused of raping an 18-year-old woman - a crime for which he was acquitted.
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w mystery maestro Harlan Coben,his bestselling'Fool Me Once' is as good as it gets.Julia Roberts optioned it 4 film

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