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Polly Toynbee is a Guardian columnist, formerly BBC social affairs editor. Her latest book, with David Walker, is Cameron's Coup, following on from The Verdict

We can afford the NHS. The question is whether we are willing to pay for it

theguardian.com — What can the NHS afford? Every week one pressure group after another protests at rationed treatments, as the NHS suffers its greatest funding shortfall since it was founded. Today, it's Breast Cancer Now - and its case is exceptional.

Get serious, Labour rebels, and deal with the Brexit catastrophe

theguardian.com — For a brief, wonderful moment it looked as if Labour might not manage to hold a conference at all this year, having failed to find a private security firm. That would have been the ultimate symbol of the party's near-terminal meltdown.

Britain is dehumanising - Post Office closures are just the latest symptom

theguardian.com — Post Office staff are on strike today, protesting at the rolling closure of Crown post offices. Some 60 are scheduled to go now, with many more expected to follow. More than 2,000 experienced counter staff will go too.

Tuesday September 13 2016

nuk-tnl-deck-email.s3.amazonaws.com — Good morning, No doubt you are still reeling about a much-loved, if old-fashioned, fixture of national life dramatically quitting one of our great institutions, but I'm sure Great British Bake-Off will be just as good on Channel 4. Oh, and a backbencher called David Cameron also resigned yesterday.

Theresa May’s incompetence is creating an opposition within her own party

theguardian.com — Remember the sheer relief when Theresa May was catapulted into No 10. The country breathed a great "Phew!" Thank God it's not a sociopath, an eye-swivelling "no experts" obsessive or an inexperienced dimwit. We had escaped the terrifying prospect of extreme Brexiteers whose breathtaking Trump-class lies had swung the referendum.

Did we baby boomers bring about a revolution in the 60s or just usher in neoliberalism?

theguardian.com — I was right there in 1966. Was it bliss, very heaven to be young? To be honest, I'm not sure. Yes and no. The young are too full of self-conscious anxiety to be good at bliss. (You get better at it later).

Why I can’t forgive Nick Clegg and his party of useful idiots

theguardian.com — Can you forgive him? That depends on whether you think Nick Clegg venal or just a political idiot. Seeking power was no sin, as that's the purpose of politics: he is to be judged by how he used it.

Jeremy Hunt must listen to junior doctors. The NHS can’t afford a strike

theguardian.com — The knives are out for the junior doctors as they threaten five-day strikes, starting on 12 September. They can expect both barrels from the Tory press: "How dare the doctors barter lives for cash" asks the Mail. "It will be only a matter of time before the body-count begins."

How Britain sank its shipping industry by waiving the rules

theguardian.com — Malaviya Twenty has been moored in Great Yarmouth docks since December. To look at, it's no rustbucket, kept in good shape by its Indian crew - but when I visited a week ago, they hadn't been paid by the ship's owners for all those months.

The Tories must tackle the real cause of obesity: inequality

theguardian.com — Why is anyone surprised that a Conservative government has yet again caved in cravenly to industry and produced a shaming non-policy on childhood obesity? That's what Conservatives do in any clash between business and the environment or general wellbeing, a bias towards profit neatly disguised with a pretended objection to "the nanny state" taking over from personal responsibility.
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Sep 24, 2016

RT @GuardianAnushka: At women's conference @jessphillips paid lovely tribute to Jo Cox who she praised for her "unguarded and uncompromising feminism"

Sep 24, 2016

RT @patrickjbutler: "I work with people who are destitute - and just how mainstream that destitution has become is astonishing" https://t.co/GN9eWwgvTm

Sep 24, 2016

RT @britainelects: Council by-elections since September 2015, avg chg in vote share [standing starts excl]: CON -1.36 LAB -2.23 LDEM +6.71…

Sep 23, 2016

RT @djmgaffneyw4: All this talk of 'red lines' for Article 50 negotiations makes me suspect Labour politicians don't know what those negotiations are about.

Sep 23, 2016

RT @StewartWood: I think @johnharris1969 has just planted the term "the John Peel mistake" into political commentary.… https://t.co/WVWQwr2z2I

Sep 22, 2016

RT @mrjohnofarrell: So if Mary Berry has also quit #GBBO, then Channel 4 have paid £75 milion for Paul Hollywood in a tent with some cakes.

Sep 22, 2016

RT @pollytoynbee: Didn't you just know the great Mary Berry would stay loyal to the BBC? Being BBC for less money will increasingly brand the good guys.

Sep 22, 2016

RT @NuffieldTrust: As @pollytoynbee writes in @guardian, our analysis of @OBR_UK projections shows NHS will be affordable by 2030 > https:/…

Sep 22, 2016

RT @lazzarop: Once again @pollytoynbee absolutely spot on: Labour should stop internal fight and make #brexit a political priority https://t.co/IXSFSM4OTd

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