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Polly Toynbee is a Guardian columnist, formerly BBC social affairs editor. Her latest book, with David Walker, is Cameron's Coup, following on from The Verdict

The Tories must tackle the real cause of obesity: inequality

theguardian.com — Why is anyone surprised that a Conservative government has yet again caved in cravenly to industry and produced a shaming non-policy on childhood obesity? That's what Conservatives do in any clash between business and the environment or general wellbeing, a bias towards profit neatly disguised with a pretended objection to "the nanny state" taking over from personal responsibility.

Feet first, our NHS is limping towards privatisation

theguardian.com — A fish rots from the head, but the NHS may be rotting from the feet. Podiatry is not up there in the headlines, yet what's going on in that unglamorous zone is an alarming microcosm of the downward path of the health service.

Labour NEC wins voting appeal: our writers’ verdict

theguardian.com — The best part of the judgment was the ruling that Labour's own governing body, the national executive committee, should be the "ultimate arbiter" of its own rules, and not the courts. The courtroom is entirely the wrong place to settle political disputes.

It’s not the 1980s. Labour must unite to fight the Tories

theguardian.com — Another day, and another court is asked to adjudicate on Labour's woes. It's no place for resolving the politics of deep schism, but that's how it is. The agony - maybe even the death rattle - of Labour keeps the political pages and social media alive in the long August days of the parliamentary break.

It’s not the Isle of Wight that is inbred. It’s the establishment

theguardian.com — Inbred? That's about as abusive as anyone can be about a community, this time the "poor ghetto" of the Isle of Wight. When it comes from someone overseeing the nation's educational standards, it's outrageous.

A mirror vision of industrial failure - the UK lorry trade

theguardian.com — This is what market failure looks like. There's a shortage of HGV drivers in an economy that relies on moving mountains of heavy goods. Road haulage companies complain bitterly that they can't recruit; operators are turning business away for lack of drivers.

Jeremy Hunt has saved his own skin but let the NHS sink

theguardian.com — How did Jeremy Hunt keep his job? On reshuffle day the BBC reported he was gone, but after an exceptionally long session inside No 10 he saved his skin, emerging with that grin and a tweet saying he was "thrilled". Junior doctors were less than thrilled, since Hunt's survival signals no turning back on the dispute he has caused.

If Theresa May really cares about the poor, she must change course - now

theguardian.com — The new Work and Pensions secretary, Damian Green, yesterday slipped out yet another delay, to 2022, for the full rollout of the troubled universal credit scheme, 11 years after it was announced. That gives Theresa May and Green a chance to think again about their priorities: does she really mean what she says about hard-pressed working families?

Theresa May’s first prime minister’s questions: our writers give their verdict

theguardian.com — The person Theresa May trounced most crushingly was on her own side - her predecessor. Serious and commanding, she showed how PMQs should be done - with forensic fact and deadly precision alongside flick-knife jabs. How far this was from David Cameron's red-faced bluster and bullying refusal to answer any question.
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Aug 22, 2016

RT @georgeeaton: George Galloway on why Respect has deregistered itself: "because we support Corbyn's Labour Party".

Aug 17, 2016

RT @rachelpearce: @Azeem_Majeed @pollytoynbee It's only climate change. Who needs experts anyway? Makes me weep.

Aug 17, 2016

RT @MSmithsonPB: The poll findings on Corbyn that should be seriously troubling for all in LAB movement. A massive liability? https://t.co/GQ1busfaJD

Aug 17, 2016

RT @GroomB: Generational income gap set to widen: working-age households stuck below pre-crisis levels.  https://www.ft.com/content/ad7a912a-647f-11e6-a08a-c7ac04ef00aa  https://t.co/r74YXMngUZ

Aug 17, 2016

RT @HighPayCentre: The bosses of Britain’s largest public companies earned an average of £5.5m last year & have enjoyed a 10% pay rise: htt…

Aug 17, 2016

RT @HighPayCentre: Britain’s biggest companies paid five times more in dividends than they did pension contributions last year:  http://bit.ly/2b8BoCy 

Aug 17, 2016

RT @francescrook: How many of the privatised probation 'community rehabilitation companies' have hired PR companies? In the end, it's taxpayers' money

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