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@GB82PARATROOPER He was on an adult dating site when the cops tricked him. Nearly all people caught in these type of stings have no prior criminal history. He wasn’t looking for a minor. And without the cops, I doubt he would have found one.
@GB82PARATROOPER It’s only similar to a DUI checkpoint if the police opened a bar near the checkpoint, served drinks, then encouraged people to get behind the wheel. But DUI checkpoints are really more about generating revenue than catching drunk drivers.
RT @alan_uplc: First police kill a neighbor of an unarmed child who is have a mental health crisis, then they kill the child. Now…
Huh. Jeanine Pirro was the DA who refused DNA testing for Jeff Deskovic -- causing him to spend 9 more years in prison. Even after his exoneration, she continued to call for reinstatement of the death penalty in New York.
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