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On a happier note, Rilo Kiley was just played on @CBCRadio2 and it reminded me that I am still very much in love with Jenny Lewis.
Anyway, the collective hissyfit from some businesses is unreasonable as far as I'm concerned and I can't believe it's being treated as legitimate.
If that's what you depend on, maybe there's more your business needs to consider to be viable. Plus, how many times have we parked a kilometre away in a parking lot at Walmart or Home Depot when we really needed something?
So whenever I hear businesses on one of our city's busiest streets feeling hurt by the fact people can't park right up in front their storefront, I don't get it. How many people can even park that close to your store at any given time? Do you live and die by a few cars out front?
It's often hard and inconvenient to park downtown but that was never a deterrent to places I or my friends really wanted to go. We found something that worked. It's not new that getting door to freaking door via car is not the best option.
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