11Alive reporter, mother and wife. I've lived in 10 states and now call Atlanta home. Always looking for suggestions on good hiking trails and story ideas.

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After you shoot someone 76 times do you really need handcuffs? And what's that oxygen mask supposed to do?  https://tinyurl.com/ydavwh2u  #justiceforjam #11alive https://t.co/dRPrem6NX1
Deputies took away 71 guns, but it wasn't enough. He still had one more and law enforcement said they didn't have the right to take it. https://t.co/zfncvz5BIU https://t.co/J83V262zll
Federal law bans guns for abusers subject to TPOs but GA has no law to enforce it. This woman has that needs to change and has the injuries to prove it. #11alive https://t.co/zfncvyO0Rm https://t.co/dsPXFW0nGH
The mass shooting in CA gives a timely and chilling immediacy to this story. Check out the gap in GA's law, that's keeping guns in the hands of DV abusers. #11alive https://t.co/zfncvyO0Rm https://t.co/8H2JoI1XrH
A tour unlike any other. Black tarps cover dead bodies. An entire field of them. Here's why. https://t.co/8nlO9oe2sb #11Alive https://t.co/fEsaC7zYMZ
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