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Retirement news - MarketWatch — By From PlanSponsor 1. Although Fidelity was recently successful in defending practices related to ownership of float income, a new proposed class action lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, San Jose Division, accuses Fidelity of improperly handling "float income" that plaintiffs feel should be considered a plan asset and thus returned to plan accounts.

How does Social Security calculate annual earnings? — By Question: I have a question about the annual limit of $15,720. Does the annual limit start once you start collecting Social Security or does it start at the beginning of the calendar year? For example, if I collect at age 62, and start collecting on Oct.

Investments for retirement — By 1. Pacer Financial has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for three exchange-traded funds that buy the equities of corporations with track records of high positive cash flows.

Time for a Pension Protection Act of 2016/17 — By Ten years ago - on Aug. 17, 2006 - President George W. Bush signed into law the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA). It was, according to a recent post by former Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) and James B.

Retirement news - MarketWatch — By From PlanSponsor 1. Capital One launched Spark 401k, providing low-cost, all-exchange traded fund (ETF) 401(k) plans to small-business owners and employees. Spark 401k is designed for businesses with fewer than 100 employees to deliver a retirement planning experience that offers the benefits available to larger companies. Read more. 2.

Investments for retirement — By 1. Virtus Investment Partners has brought to Nasdaq an exchange-traded fund that seeks exposure to a wide range of investments by purchasing shares of other ETFs. The iSectors Post-MPT Growth ETF is actively managed and is based on the iSectors Post-MPT Growth Allocation model, which iSectors designed to improve on the modern portfolio theory.

It now costs more than $250,000 for couples to cover health care in retirement — By A 65-year-old couple retiring in 2016 will need an estimated $260,000-or roughly $13,000 per year for 20 years-to cover health-care costs in retirement, according to Fidelity's most recent Retiree Health Care Cost Estimate. Even more worrisome: Fidelity's estimate is 6% more than last year's estimate of $245,000 and the highest estimate since calculations began in 2002.

We need to mandate financial education in grades K-12… and beyond — By If ever there was a reason to mandate financial education in grades K-12 (and perhaps beyond into college and the workplace) here in the U.S. this might be it. A survey published by the FINRA Financial Investor Education Foundation in July shows a correlation between exposure to financial education and financial literacy levels.

Retirement news - MarketWatch — By From PlanSponsor 1. The Investment Company Institute applauds the California governor and legislature for aiming to promote savings among the state's private sector workers-but it questions lawmakers' proposed method. Read more. 2.

Investments for retirement — By Direxion has brought to NYSE Arca an exchange-traded fund offering inverse exposure to European financial institutions. The Direxion Daily European Financials Bear 1X Shares is designed to deliver daily returns to investors that are the inverse of the performance of the MSCI Europe Financials Index.
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Aug 25, 2016

RT @MoneyLifeShow: Thursday's lineup: @TomLydon of @ETFTrends, Andrew Foster of @seafarerfunds, @RJPIII & Cindy Starke of $VALLX. It's a go…

Aug 24, 2016

@CurseYouKhan Email to get the paper, Disadvantages of the Less Educated: Education and Contributory Pensions at Work

Aug 24, 2016

@CurseYouKhan Yes. But also getting a college degree correlates with the very behaviors that align with the best savings habits

Aug 24, 2016

People who don’t have a college degree are less likely to contribute to a 401(k) by @andreacoombes 

Aug 24, 2016

RT @IRAGuru4EdSlott: Here's the text of the new Revenue Proc. This is monstrous news. Many IRAs wil be saved.  #retirement #BREAKING

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