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United States of Covfefe
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Novelist, husband, father. Disgusted by hypocrites who claim to follow Jesus Christ yet support the deplorable, self-serving Pharisee, @realDonaldTrump.

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@dltauthor Stamina has always been an issue, but the ability to concentrate on creating - to really put myself deep into the mindset of a work of fiction - has been slipping away from me slowly, and it's just devastating. But I'm not giving up! I WILL get my life back, however long it takes
@dltauthor Thanks for the terrific questions! Reminded me of so much of what I love about writing. PLEASE keep those prayers coming. If my body could accomplish even a QUARTER the things my brain can dream up, I could change the world. But concentration is the real killer right now. 😕
@dltauthor You're faaaaarrrr too kind. It's not like I'm famous or a bestseller or anything.
@dltauthor Well that's very nice to know. I never got a big fancy $1million movie deal like he did for his very first novel. But I take that as high praise. I have nothing but respect for Bob.
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