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Ruth Reichl's review of Michel Richard's original L.A. restaurant Citrus

latimes.com — Michel Richard, who died Aug. 13 at age 68 from complications of a stroke, helped establish Washington, D.C., as a major dining city when he opened the restaurant Citronelle in 1994. But it was Richard's Los Angeles restaurant Citrus, opened in 1987, that first brought him acclaim in the U.S., beyond the pastry shops he'd set up after leaving France.

For Red Meat and a Sense of History

nytimes.com — IF you are a native New Yorker, steak is in your blood. Long before there were egg creams or Coney Island hot dogs, there were beefsteaks. The beefsteak was not a food, it was an event. This New York institution began, as far as anyone knows, around the middle of the last century.

10 Books Worth Reading This Summer

The Magnificent Pellegrini Bean

theherbfarm.com — A Slow-Food Voice in a Fast-Food Nation BY RUTH REICHL, SEATTLE WEEKLY, 4/14/10 We asked author and critic Ruth Reichl to share her thoughts on Angelo Pellegrini, for whom the Pellegrini Award is named. When I was in college in the mid-'60s, I spent my spare time in a thrift shop called Treasure Mart, looking for old cookbooks.

Ruth Reicl in Frankfurt, Germany: Spin the Globe

afar.com — When the man at border control asks why I've come to Frankfurt I give him my standard answer: "I'm here to eat." This is usually good for a few restaurant recommendations; now it gets only a laugh. "Hey," the officer shouts to his colleague in the next booth, "she's here to eat!"

Restaurants - NYTimes.com

nytimes.com — Celebrities go next door to TriBeCa Grill. Big spenders vie for tables up the street at Nobu. The limousines block traffic while the people spill outdoors to sip cocktails and wait for tables, blocking the sidewalk. Sometimes they wander down to Zeppole, just to see what is going on.

LIVES - Why I Disapprove of What I Do - NYTimes.com

nytimes.com — You can't be a restaurant critic," M.F.K Fisher said to me 21 years ago, "unless you are one of those ambitious sorts, willing to walk on your grandmother's grave." I nodded meekly and agreed. It was the early 70's. In Berkeley, where I lived, the view was extreme: food, like so many things, had become intensely political.

Box Tree, The (NYC Restaurant) Review

events.nytimes.com — Best of all, it is almost time to leave. Unlike other restaurants that charge these sorts of prices, the Box Tree does not shower you with little gifts to make you linger at the table. No petits fours, no chocolates.

Critic's Notebook - The Vanishing Haute Cuisine - NYTimes.com

nytimes.com — ''IN my opinion, Chinese chefs are much more skilled than French chefs,'' Ching Yun Pu said. And then he added, ''Although we do not brag the way French chefs do.'' It was 1981, and Mr. Pu, a master chef trained in pre-revolutionary China, was working in a restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown.

Discovering New Things: Our Latest Favorite Books

parnassusmusing.net — Booksellers learn a lot from working with one another. Someone who might never pick up a book of poetry may learn to like it, based on the recommendation of a colleague. Die-hard fiction readers may get talked into trying a thrilling biography. We have fun making this list every month, because we love finding out what...
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Sep 29, 2016

@jtiltonflood @NYFarmer The farm was apparently bought before the US joined the war, in anticipation of rationing.

Sep 29, 2016

New York had a farm-to-table restaurant in the 1930s. You'll be very surprised to find out where it was:  http://ruthreichl.com/2016/09/farm-to-table-circa-1938.html/ 

Sep 28, 2016

A trove of menus from the Napa Valley - when the French Laundry was a very different restaurant.  http://ruthreichl.com/2016/09/when-the-napa-valley-restaurant-scene-was-young.html/ 

Sep 28, 2016

Cool gray clouds. Plump hedgehog nibbles the lawn. Baked apple: brown sugar, butter, cinnamon. Scent swirls through the air. Splash cream.

Sep 27, 2016

@LisaDellwo @SierraTishgart Yes, frozen raw. One of the beauties of biscuits.....

Sep 27, 2016

Mysterious mist; landscape winking in and out. Sunshine in the forecast. Coffee. One crisp-edged egg, fried. Bacon. A good morning.

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