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The Groupon Bubble — If you doubted, even after Facebook's recent $50 billion valuation, that there's a mini-bubble inflating in tech land, this morning's New York Times ought to disabuse you of that notion. The paper reports that Groupon, which turned down $6 billion from Google last month, is in talks with Wall Street for an IPO that Wall Street is pitching to investors valuing the company at between $15 billion and $20 billion.

Sympathy for the Walmart flack — On some level you have to feel a little bad for the Walmart flack. You try polishing the image of an eyesore-producing, taxpayer-subsidy-guzzling, shoddy-goods-peddling, union-busting, $260 billion cutthroat monopsonist. On the other hand, the company has quite a few PR successes, particularly below the national-media radar.

Fraud Without Fraudsters; Fraud Without "Fraud" — How is it possible to file a civil fraud lawsuit against a bank without filing them against a banker? That's the reasonable question posed by both The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg's Jonathan Weil today. JPMorgan Chase defrauded investors including a Lutheran nonprofit by deceptively unloading toxic CDOs created for (and, essentially, by) the infamous hedge fund Magnetar earlier this week.

The Deal's Audit Gotcha — Anyone who's read half an Audit post would find it laughable to think that we bow down to Wall Street. But Yvette Kantrow, executive editor of a trade magazine called The Deal, isn't laughing.

"Too Big to Fail" Gets Big Play in the NYT — I was glad to see three pieces in the The New York Times or on its website this weekend about Too Big to Fail. Eric Dash wrote a news analysis in the Week of Review yesterday. Gretchen Morgenson wrote a column about it yesterday. Paul Krugman blogged about it on Thursday.

Krugman's Too Big to Fail Straw Man — Paul Krugman has a poorly argued column today setting up straw men to argue his case for regulation. This is pretty egregious: Even among those who really do want reform, however, there's a major debate about what's really essential.

Iceland’s Prime Minister Ducks Question But the Answer Catches Up with Him — On May 15, 2014, the prime minister of Iceland stood before parliament answering questions about how aggressively his government would sniff out tax cheats and fraudsters who use secret offshore companies. Would Iceland follow Germany's lead by purchasing revealing data from offshore whistleblowers? The prime minister, Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, hedged.

My Foreclosure - Columbia Journalism Review — As a business-media critic, I sometimes get caught up in the crush of events and forget that at the heart of this crisis are an estimated four million people who will lose their homes through foreclosure. Which is odd, because it happened to me. I was about fifteen.

Bloomberg Wins Its Lawsuit Against the Federal Reserve — Score one for Bloomberg in its lawsuit seeking to force the federal government to disclose who it's bailing out with trillions of our dollars. Yes, the federal government has-incredibly-been trying to conceal that.

L.A. Times Examines Trump's Gold-Plated Corporate Welfare — How do you handle covering a candidacy that's primarily a publicity stunt by a crazed ego and presshound-one with approximately zero chance of success-without lending undue credit to it? The Los Angeles Times shows one way today with a smart angle: Donald Trump's rich history of milking taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars for his gold-plated skyscrapers.
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Jul 29, 2016

RT @CharlotteAlter: Bernie delegate told me "microaggressions" kept them from disrupting historic speech. Many in tears after "being marginalized" #DemsInPhilly

Jul 29, 2016

When your profit margin was 0.4%, not as impressive when you septuple it. AMZN revenue on the other hand... 

Jul 29, 2016

RT @joshkosman: Feds probing Platinum Partners as a potential Ponzi scheme. Nice Kevin Dugan exclusive!  via @nypost

Jul 29, 2016

RT @LilianaSegura: Rachel Maddow notes that Chelsea and Ivanka are friends IRL--as are their husbands. It's almost like there's a ruling class in this country.

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