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Apple Will Debut iPhone 7 at Sept. 7 Event

inc.com — Apple will be hosting an event Sept. 7 where the company is widely expected to announce the latest version of the iPhone and possibly some other new devices as well. The company sent out invitations for the event to the press Monday morning.

How Facebook's New AI Technology Could Benefit Your Business

inc.com — Facebook has open-sourced its computer vision software, the ​ artificial intelligence technology it uses to detect objects in photos and identify what they are. By sharing that code, Mark Zuckerberg's company is making it possible for other businesses to implement it into their own apps and websites.

Can't Afford an Expensive Flight? This Startup Will Let You Put It on Layaway

inc.com — You can buy gifts, furniture and electronics on layaway, so why can't you do the same for airline flights and hotel bookings? That's exactly what one Chicago startup is now offering. Airfordable spreads the cost of flights across biweekly payments consumers make leading up to their departure date.

Tech Companies Are Turning to This Nonprofit to Bring More Gender Diversity to Their Workforces

inc.com — After pausing her career following the birth of her second child, Shashi Dokania was ready to return to the workforce. She attended a coding bootcamp to learn software engineering, and then sent out dozens of job applications. Despite these efforts though, Dokania found little interest.

At These Schools, You Don't Pay a Penny in Tuition Until You Get a Job

inc.com — After finishing up her undergraduate degree in creative writing at San Francisco State, Monica Williams knew she wanted to pivot and become a software engineer. The problem was, she wasn't sure how to pursue that path.

CalCom Solar Company's Big Idea? Put Power in the Hands of Farmers

inc.com — Having lived in San Francisco until recently, Nic Stover had a front-row seat to the tech boom--and to missed opportunities. Among them, he noticed that agriculture was a sector the tech industry tended to ignore, but what he saw was an underserved market begging for change. "Agriculture is not sexy or flashy.

Your Office Communication Is About to Change, Courtesy of HipChat

inc.com — Office messaging service HipChat rolled out a new feature on Thursday that could significantly change your way your employees communicate with each other: video conferencing. With this new capability, paying HipChat users will be able to launch group video calls at the click of a single button.

The U.S. Just Made a Bold Move to Improve Diversity in Tech

inc.com — Coding bootcamps received a major boost from Uncle Sam on Tuesday when the Department of Education announced the launch of a program that will allow them to accept federal student aid for the first time.

Meet the Airbnb of 3-D Printing

inc.com — Periodically, Dave Evans, Nate Evans, and their team gather around a tall wooden table to painstakingly dismantle mechanical devices such as smartwatches, air-quality monitors, GoPro cameras and more. Under a bright studio lamp, they snap photos of each and every part.

How This Woman Went From Homelessness to Running a Multimillion-Dollar Venture Capital Fund

inc.com — After another long day of chasing down potential investors, venture capitalist Arlan Hamilton was ready for bed. The only problem was, she had no idea where she would sleep. As day turned to night, Hamilton sat at a table outside of a grocery store in Palo Alto with a backpack, her suitcase, and nowhere to go on this Sunday in September 2015.
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Aug 31, 2016

@itstheannmarie who told you to get a job in journalism? All I got was the opposite

Aug 30, 2016

@WeberWest true, this is much harder in cities like LA or Houston. But I was answering ur Q about any1 eagerly giving up their car for this

Aug 30, 2016

@WeberWest @narendra @nickbilton if I ever get the itch to drive, I just rent a car the way I might a jet ski, pay for a horse ride, etc 3/3

Aug 30, 2016

@WeberWest @narendra @nickbilton & it was easy bc my hate for parking, maintenance, paying gas + insurance > my love of driving 2/

Aug 30, 2016

@WeberWest @narendra @nickbilton I gave up my vehicle as soon as I moved to SF specifically bc I knew I could rely on Uber to get around 1/

Aug 30, 2016

A breakdown of our near & inevitable future w/driverless cars, & where Uber fits in that world, by @nickbilton  https://twitter.com/nickbilton/status/770735765655388160 

Aug 29, 2016

Last week I fell into a deep Travis Scott listening hole and haven't come out since. Not sure there's a cure for this. Not sure I want one

Aug 29, 2016

k, I guess I'll watch Stranger Things, but only bc I'm between The Night Of and Narcos!

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