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10 Best How-To-Manage Infographics of All Time — A couple of weeks ago, I posted 9 great infographics that were (IMHO) better than an MBA. With that in mind, here are what I believe to be the 10 best infographics about leadership and management, again courtesy of Ott Jõgi of Weekdone.

The 1 Horrible Habit That's Holding Millennials Back — Millennials have been dealt a tough hand. While unemployment is low, many of the jobs available for young people are minimum wage. Millennials with college degrees are struggling with massive student loan debt and few prospects. That being said, many if not most millennials share an obnoxious habit that limits their career prospects and antagonizes those around them.

Is Star Trek the Future of Corporate Team-Building? — For decades, smart companies have encouraged team-members to play together. Usually such activities, like softball in the local park or ping-pong in the break room, require that everyone be in the same physical location. However, in today's globalized work environment, team members can live and work thousands of miles away from each other, making it impossible for them to play together, in any meaningful way.

Office Nut Cases & How To Cope — If you've been around an office for any time at all, you've run into one of those certifiable nut cases who makes you (and everyone around you) miserable. Not to worry. We can help.

Could This Be the Pokemon Go of Business Apps? — For the past couple of years, I've watched Canva change the way that companies prepare high-quality ads, infographics and presentations. (Note: Canva's Chief Evangelist is the bestselling author and favorite Guy Kawasaki.) This time, I think they've come up with an upgrade so creative and timely that it may very well change the way you think about business apps.

How Shark Tank Makes Entrepreneurs Less Effective — While Shark Tank is undeniably popular, like all reality television it's not, well..., reality. As such, it's creating at least one bad habit that's making entrepreneurs less successful. Specifically, the " elevator pitch," segment where the entrepreneurs present their ideas to an expert panel creates a situation that never happens in the real world.

20 Easy Ways to Be a Great Communicator — I'm often surprised at how many people--even dedicated entrepreneurs--can be clueless when communicating with others. I recently received an excellent infographic from the loan provider NetCredit and Neomam Studios explaining the basic skills that everyone needs. The entire infographic (with an article about communications) is posted on the NetCredit site but here are the main points along with my personal commentary.

The Surprising Truth About Diversity Programs — Contrary to popular belief, diversity is a profit-generator not something that's merely "socially responsible." According to numerous studies by McKinsey and other research firms and published in journals like Scientific American, diverse companies simply perform better than companies that are less diverse.

15 Toxic Coworkers (and How to Cope With Them) — I posted a list of 10 toxic coworkers a few years back, but I've noticed that since more millennials have entered the workplace, there are some new varieties out there. Here's my comprehensive list of the obnoxious coworkers you'll run into during your career, with some advice on how to keep them from slowing you down.

The Old-School Pricing Technique That Still Works — According to some source, Amazon is slowly phasing out list prices because they're arbitrarily high. In most cases, the "discount" price is the real price, so why bother pretending otherwise? It's hard to believe that Amazon would take such a radical step unless they were fairly certain that across-the-board discounting was no longer driving higher sales.
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Jul 23, 2016

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