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How Intensely Competitive People Win at Work Without Making Enemies — Earlier this week, I pointed out that it's both normal and beneficial to be competitive at work. Being competitive makes you more productive and (ultimately) helps your company become more competitive as well. As an competitive person myself, I've been observing other hyper-competitors for a long time.

Competition Is Good: Let's Make Salaries Public — Yesterday, I explained why you should never apologize for being competitive. Because I believe competition is essentially healthy, I think that companies would be wise to give employees something to openly compete for: salaries and compensation. In the typical corporation, only two groups openly compete for compensation: Sales and C-level execs.

Why You Don't Need to Apologize for Being Competitive — Personal competitiveness has gotten a bad name over the past few years. While everyone agrees that companies need "competitive advantage," management gurus look askance at individuals who compete with others in the workplace. The ideal, according to the gurus, is a "collaborative culture" where people work together to achieve common goals.

6 Ways Millennials Are Truly Superior — In the past, I've come down pretty hard on millennials for being self-centered and questioned their claims to be technologically more savvy than previous generations. However, there are six areas where, IMHO, millennials are a distinct improvement: Prior to the millennials, literature was on the ropes. Book sales were dropping; literacy rates were plummeting.

How to Wow Customers with a Corporate Event — Over the years, I've attended several hundred corporate events, trade shows and conferences. Most of them were utterly forgettable but a handful--a small handful--stick in my memory. For years, I wondered why this was so. What was the difference between those rare events that made everyone who attended say "WOW!"

The 7 Best How-To-Negotiate Books of All Time — Your ability to negotiate with your bosses, investors, customers and colleagues determines whether your career or your business flies high or falls flat.

This Classic Trick Makes Any Presentation "Better" — I've written a LOT about making presentations more memorable and more persuasive, but I've held back on this technique because I'm a bit embarrassed that I've actually used it. So I'll make this post short and, ahem..., sweet.

Charismatic People Do These 7 Things, According to Science — Charisma is the ability to influence and inspire others merely by your presence. According to a recent article in The Atlantic, several new scientific studies reveal that charismatic people habitually use the following key behaviors: Humans use stories to put facts into context and give meaning to random events of the world.

The Underrated Power of Silence — We live in a noisy world. Media, traditional and social, clamors for attention. Emails and texts clog our phones. Our open-plan offices echo with "collaboration. To get our message heard, we're told to " cut through the noise." So we brand a little harder, talk a little louder, push more content out the door.

13 Hot Tips From the Women Who Organized Kim Kardashian's Closet — In previous columns, I've explained how geniuses like Einstein organized their desks and what your desk will look like 100 years from now. However, I haven't yet provided much advice on how to make your work area work better for you.
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Aug 25, 2016

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