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Also happened on her watch: universal pre-K  http://ckbe.at/2BH1PKL  and test scores that have continued to rise  http://ckbe.at/2x9epjb 
“One of the things I was hoping the reorganization would do is that you don’t go into a school in 1 part of the city and a school in a different part of the city and see a very different focus,” she said. https://t.co/YVWmGAWCbc (That's often exactly what Bloomberg and co wanted)
By the start of the next year, she had re-established a clear chain of command between herself principals — a key move away from the way things had run in Bloomberg's last years in office https://t.co/76AvhEhQfY
A few months later, her detail-oriented, school-focused style had come into focus (and provoked criticism from some who said it was an impractical way to run a system ... which never died down). https://t.co/tA4PYc8E0z
I think a lot about this event from really early in her tenure:  http://ckbe.at/2BH95WY  (It's not an easy feat to get hundreds of NYC principals to react this way.)
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