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@Timque We might be talking past each other. Sorry, I don't know how battles worked in the first game. This one is all real-time combat with you able to manually control any of three party members (AI controls the other two) while the little Pikmin-esque guys provide support
@Timque I didn't play the first game, but you do have Pikmin-like buddies. Up to four groupings per battle. They provide buffs and sometimes can be manually instructed to do special attacks. I liked them.
I watched Tim play this for an hour, from title screen to quiet narrative moments, to puzzle solving and enemy combat to a hunt and to a multi-stage boss fight. The fact that the camera never cuts (supposedly won't in the whole game) is a really fun and impressive visual stunt  https://twitter.com/Kotaku/status/975749487917457408 
I played this for a few hours on a PS4. Jason's more forgiving of the childish story than I am, but I do plan to play more. It's colorful, pleasant and reminds me of two of my favorite JRPGs: Dark Cloud 2 and, more vaguely, Suikoden V  https://twitter.com/Kotaku/status/975733855121543168 
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