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Islamic State Driven From Strategic Town of Shirqat, Iraqi Military Says

wsj.com — BAGHDAD-Iraq's military said Thursday it had cleared Islamic State from the town of Shirqat, wresting control of a critical gateway to Mosul, the militant group's last remaining stronghold in the country. Iraqi officers said Islamic State fighters put up little resistance in the face of a ground and air assault that lasted just under three days.

Iraq’s Finance Minister Voted Out of Office

wsj.com — BAGHDAD-Iraq's finance minister was voted out of office by the country's parliament on Wednesday over allegations of corruption and mismanagement, the second such dismissal of a high-profile government minister in less than a month. Hoshyar Zebari, a former foreign minister and a prominent member of the Kurdish Democratic Party, has been under intense scrutiny by lawmakers over accusations of misusing public funds, allegations he has...

Iraqi Forces Launch Attack on Shirqat

wsj.com — BAGHDAD-Iraq's military and allied militias launched an attack Tuesday on Shirqat, an Islamic State-held town considered one of the gateways to the terror group's Iraqi stronghold Mosul, officials said. Clearing the town of militants would help the troops march closer to Mosul, some 60 miles away and the last major city held by Islamic State and its self-declared capital in the country, which American and Iraqi officials say will be...

Iraqi Families Return to Ravaged Homes in Fallujah

wsj.com — FALLUJAH, Iraq-The first Iraqi families returned over the weekend to broken homes and businesses in Fallujah nearly three months after the country's military drove out Islamic State fighters, in a resettling process mired in tensions. Those who returned came home to an empty city with destroyed buildings and no electricity or running water.

Rival faction in Libya captures vital oil ports

marketwatch.com — Forces opposed to Libya's unity government launched an attack Sunday on three ports, claiming control over oil-exporting facilities held by troops loyal to the government that had recently resumed operations in an effort to revive the nation's economy. The attack by Gen.

Libyan Forces Loyal to Eastern Government Attack Key Oil Ports

wsj.com — Forces opposed to Libya's internationally backed unity government launched an attack Sunday on three ports on the central coast, claiming control over key oil-exporting facilities that had recently resumed operations as part of an effort to revive the battle-scarred nation's economy. The attack by forces loyal to Gen.

Egypt’s Money Woes Hit a Touchstone of Marriage

wsj.com — CAIRO-He was a doctor. She was a dentist. And they loved each other, to the point of broaching marriage to their parents. But a romantic union between these two medical professionals fell apart over an economic indicator: the price of gold in Egypt.

Egypt’s Former Corruption Auditor Found Guilty of Disturbing Public Order

wsj.com — CAIRO-Egypt's former chief corruption auditor was found guilty Thursday of spreading false news to disturb public order and sentenced to a year in prison, after he alleged officials and public servants stole billions of dollars in public funds. Hisham Geneina was given the maximum penalty for the misdemeanor charge and must pay a 20,000...

Libyan Forces Advance in Islamic State-Held City

wsj.com — Forces for the United Nations-backed Libyan government said Monday they had seized the security headquarters in Sirte, a crucial step toward retaking control of the coastal city that Islamic State has held for 16 months.

Islamist Morsi Wins Egyptian Presidential Vote

wsj.com — CAIRO-Egyptian election officials declared the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi the country's first freely elected president on Sunday, propelling an Islamist to power and marking another milestone in the Arab world's tumultuous democratic transition.
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Oct 01, 2016

@NickFoxNYT @powellnyt that was after a bomb had detonated nearby. A sock with quarters in it would be considered suspicious at that point

Oct 01, 2016

@powellnyt fair enough. It's the tweet you quoted that perhaps put me in the unusual position of defending egyptair :-)

Oct 01, 2016

@powellnyt nothing in the story suggests they suspected the pot to be a bomb component and went ahead with their scavenge hunt anyway

Oct 01, 2016

@powellnyt and? In a city full of trash, they discarded a cooking pot for a decent piece of luggage.

Oct 01, 2016

This is the most NYC thing an EgyptAir employee can do: pick up someone else's trash and re-use it. It's the NYC way. https://t.co/30T1DGkLEo

Oct 01, 2016

RT @jmalsin: The weeping rescue worker's name is Muhammad Dieb Hur, 26. The girl was pulled out of a civilian house destroyed by…

Oct 01, 2016

RT @UNIraq: #Iraq:1,003 Iraqis killed & another 1,159 injured in acts of terrorism, violence & armed conflict in September 2016. https://t.…

Oct 01, 2016

A readout of Egypt President Sisi's meeting with the nation's Central Bank chief, Tarek Amer. No mention of the Spare Change Proposal... https://t.co/YCdH6BTFWA

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