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RT @toadmeister: I hadn’t planned to comment on any of the lies and smears, but some stuff is so grotesquely slanderous you cannot l…
I’ve posted a rebuttal of the ‘eugenicist’ and ‘neo-Nazi’ smears on my Facebook page. Please RT so these grotesque, despicable lies are exposed for what they are 
Finally, I am not a “eugenicist” @DawnButlerBrent and nor have I ever suggested “weeding out disabled people”. Another bare-faced, despicable lie. I deal with the “eugenics” smear in this blog post for the @spectator  #bbcqt 8/8
I didn’t “molest” anyone, @DawnButlerBrent. Nor have I ever joked about “anal rape”. I made an off-colour joke in 2009 that could conceivably be what she’s referring to. Rape not included in that joke in any shape or form. It’s a lie. #bbcqt 7/
It was a sophomoric stunt in which I was transformed into an “attractive” woman by a Hollywood FX team and then tried to pick up a ‘lipstick lesbian’ in bunch of New York lesbian bars. Crashed and burned wherever I went, obviously. Didn’t get within 10 feet of a woman. #bbcqt 6/
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