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@RadioWyatt Yes, the refs should have stopped play. But look how close Howland is to the ref when State has the fast break advantage. He could have yelled “Time out!” Maybe we should temper our outrage.
@1skillet @WillSammon That’s the bottom line to me: Who could have foreseen? In perfect hindsight, I wish the refs or later our bench had stopped play. Maybe this will lead to a rule change or emphasis.
@1skillet @WillSammon Mike, our bench saw Nick injured first during Ut’s possession before we got the ball. We could have called time out once we got the ball. We wanted to score. Being too harsh of the refs could expose some hypocrisy. If fingers must be pointed, there’s blame to spread around.
@WillSammon The refs could have stopped the game but State also could have called a timeout. We had possession as Nick lay injured.
@TruMaroonNation State had possession as Nick lay injured. Maybe we should have sacrificed a timeout for his welfare. But hindsight is 20/20.
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