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Driving lessons | 1843 — A new kind of vehicle has taken to the roads, and people aren't sure what to make of it. Is it safe? Can it cope with other road users? Will it require a radical overhaul of the transport infrastructure?

As Amazon steps up tests in the UK, will drone deliveries really catch on among consumers? — Two years ago, drone deliveries were a consumer gimmick; a PR stunt designed to push Amazon's forward thinking brand. But this recent development is different. Having gained approval from the Civil Aviation Authority to test drones outside of warehouses, with special concessions including operating drones without a direct line of sight, Amazon is taking its first stride in bringing drone technology to the consumer.

Galactic games and phablets — GAME Mass Effect 3 It's a space-faring trilogy that combines galactic conflict with wrenching personal choices. If that sounds like the original "Star Wars" films, it's deliberate: "Mass Effect" is an ambitious bid to show and extend the storytelling power of gaming.

Rescue Zelda | 1843 — A GAME The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Every Zelda game has essentially the same plot: you play Link, a sword-wielding boy in green garb, who has to solve puzzles, defeat bad guys and rescue Princess Zelda.

Join America’s revolution | 1843 — Never mind the convoluted frame, a centuries-long secret war between Templars and Assassins. What makes this series so much fun is the chance to charge around in meticulously accurate renditions of old cities. "Assassin's Creed III" is in fact part five in the series, and as usual you play an athletic hitman with a handy foreknowledge of the modern urban sport of free-running.

What the Apple Watch is really for — A GAME Kerbal Space Program This cult game is a virtual rocket-construction kit that lets you snap together components and launch cute green aliens, called Kerbals, into space on a variety of missions. But beneath its cuddly exterior, offbeat humour and jaunty music lurks a detailed and accurate physics model.

The thinnest laptop so far — A GAME Papers, Please As Europe struggles with the migration crisis, this unusual and award-winning game seems more topical than ever. Billed as a "dystopian document thriller", it casts you as an immigration officer in Arstotzka, an imaginary eastern European country during the cold war, checking documents and enforcing ever-changing border rules.

Ears wide open | 1843 — A GAME Papa Sangre II It's the time of year for ghost stories, so here's a modern take on the genre, wrapped up as a game. And no, I don't mean "Call of Duty: Ghosts", with its cutting-edge graphics, but something rather more unusual: an audio-only game with no visuals at all.

Combat and camera angles

The rise of Apple Music — A GAME Splatoon The name says it all. Splatoon is an amazingly enjoyable online game from Nintendo in which two four-player teams compete to paint as much of the game world as possible in a particular colour.
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Sep 25, 2016

It's a sign. Miraval Rosé, aka Chateau Brangelina, has come to an end at M&S

Sep 25, 2016

@davidiwanow @dr_pete I don't think Snapchat wants to be acquired by Google, but to compete with it in advertising, AR, etc

Sep 24, 2016

@GlennF He looks like a statesman next to Trump, though

Sep 24, 2016

@PeterJBon No. Rabbit-hole avoided, so far. I did sequencing/audio stuff in 1990s when it was still crap; now leave it to other band members

Sep 24, 2016

@dr_pete Not mocking at all; I think this is potentially very significant. Cool in a way that Google Glass wasn't

Sep 24, 2016

This is very convincing; file under "things we do/believe today that future generations will consider intolerable" 

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