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Ikea Says the American Dream Is About More Than Just Buying Stuff — You don't need to look further than the current presidential campaign to glean that the American dream isn't doing so hot right now. Hillary Clinton has proclaimed that "building an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, is the central challenge of our time."

Yes, It Was Donald Trump Who First Introduced Pizza Hut's Stuffed Crust to the World — Earlier this week, Pizza Hut hauled its latest pie out of the R&D oven: Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza. It's pretty much what the name suggests-"a delicious, flavorful and indulgent pizza," in the words of CMO David Timm, "that packs the punch of a gooey, cheesy, crunchy grilled cheese."

How Play-Doh Went From Being a Household Cleaning Supply to a Beloved Toy — Joseph McVicker was in big trouble. Kutol Products, his Cincinnati company, manufactured a gummy, doughy product that housewives used to remove coal soot from wallpaper. But now it was 1955. Not only were vinyl wallpapers coming onto the market, but homes were switching from coal stoves to oil and natural gas that burned cleaner.

Q&A: Veteran UFC Marketer on Bringing Her A-Game to Canada Goose as Its New CMO — Some people's idea of adventure is making a bold career move. Others like to plunge into the rugged outdoors. Jackie Poriadjian-Asch has done both. Last month, after 15 years with Ultimate Fighting Championship (the bloody dynasty of mixed-martial arts), Poriadjian-Asch took the CMO's job at Canada Goose, the 59-year-old company famed for its costly (and lately quite trendy) down-filled coats.

Here’s What Kids Think the Future Might Look Like, If It Were Made Out of Play-Doh — For its 60th birthday, Play-Doh asked kids what the world would look like 60 years hence. Videos courtesy of Hasbro Let's just admit it: While millions of us loved to play with Play-Doh when we were kids-and millions of kids still do-most of us weren't very good at it.

Etsy's First Global Campaign Is an Expression of Individuality, Just Like the Stuff It Sells — () Of the innumerable alternative, artisanal, new-economy brands to emerge from Brooklyn in the past few years, few have achieved the global reach of Etsy, the online marketplace for (mostly) handcrafted items-a kind of crunchy-granola version of eBay-and the go-to platform when you're in the market for a bar of goat-milk soap

Energizer's Famous Pink Bunny Is Still Going After 27 Years, and It's Getting a Makeover — Ninety-five percent of consumers recognize the Energizer Bunny, according to a 2008 study. Energizer The average rabbit lives between seven and 10 years. But one remarkable specimen is heading toward its 27th birthday. That's so old for a bunny, in fact, that this particular one is also getting a face-lift.

Here’s How Christian Louboutin, Inspired by Showgirls, Proved Trampy Can Be Chic — On July 27, 2012, agents from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection swooped down on the Port of Los Angeles, commandeering five containers packed with contraband. Estimated street value: $18 million. You might think it was handguns that the agents seized, or drugs, or endangered animal pelts. Nick Ferrari But no.

Can Tom Selleck Convince Seniors Reverse Mortgages Aren't Too Good to Be True?

Why Is the Basic Marble Notebook Made by So Many Brands Still So Popular? — As a mother, blogger and wife of a schoolteacher, Crystal Rapinchuk is busy this time of year, when over 50 million kids head back to school (and their parents will drop $75.8 billion in supplies to get them there). In addition to dispensing advice and shopping tips, Rapinchuk also develops recipes for back-to-school treats.
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Sep 22, 2016

Love Pizza Hut's stuffed-crust pizza? Thank Donald Trump. Seriously.  @realDonaldTrump @pizzahut

Sep 22, 2016

@PeterRomeo Thought you might dig this piece of ephemera, Peter:  Can't get the restaurant out of the reporter, huh?

Sep 14, 2016

Etsy's got a new ad campaign, celebrating diversity in coffee mugs and end tables 

Sep 14, 2016

The @Energizer Bunny turns 27 and gets a makeover. The good news is that he's still going and going and going. 

Sep 08, 2016

Brooklyn's trendy DUMBO neighborhood, 100 years before the cool kids got there.

Sep 08, 2016

Like the chic stores in Trump Tower? If Trump hadn't knocked Bonwit Teller down, we'd have the chicest store in NYC.

Sep 08, 2016

Can Tom Selleck's good looks and charm help reverse mortgages to look good, too? 

Aug 31, 2016

@Zlatimeyer Thanks for the shout out on my little field experiment. It was a very glamorous assignment.

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