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How the Watergate’s New Owners Are Turning the Nixon Scandal Into Smart Marketing — When Euro Capital Properties, owner of Washington, D.C.'s legendary Watergate Hotel, was putting the final touches on its $125 million renovation of the 1967 landmark by the Potomac, it had a delicate piece of business to consider. Marketing the hotel's glamorous new interiors-which architectural firm BBGM reinvigorated to reflect the hotel's jet-age heritage-would be pretty straightforward.

How Sharpie Left Its Mark Everywhere From Facebook to the White House — Ethan Murrow is a fine artist in every sense of that term. His highly realistic yet often phantasmagorical works-some the height of a two-story building-have been shown from Paris to Los Angeles. He's drawn murals at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston and for the offices of Facebook.

United Airlines Is Using Virtual Reality to Show Off Its Swanky New Business Class — Ever since United and Continental merged in 2010 to create the world's largest airline, Daniel Cuellar's department has been hard at work creating a swanky new business class called Polaris. It's a rarified preserve in the front of United's Boeing 777s complete with 16-inch high-definition screens at every seat, lobster on the menu and flat beds fitted with Saks Fifth Avenue sheets.

How Ghostbusters Went From Low-Budget '80s Flick to Scary-Big Franchise — It'll take a few days before we know how Ghostbusters (the much-discussed flick slated for release this Friday) will perform at the box office, but it's easy to get a read on what the public already thinks of it. Head over to Sony Pictures' YouTube channel, click on the trailer and behold: Some 260,000 watchers have given it the thumbs up.

Why Wise Chose Food Trucks to Inspire Their Latest Variations of Potato Chips — If you've been to a deli or grocery store in the past, oh, lifetime or so, you've probably noticed that potato chips come in a staggering variety of exotic (and frequently bizarre) flavors. Ketchup, crab, pickle, biscuits and gravy, baby back ribs-all are tastes dusted onto some of the estimated 1.5 billion pounds of potato chips Americans crunch down each year.

Marketing to Women From Its Earliest Days Has Kept Keds Running for 100 Years — In 1916, women in America couldn't vote, serve in the military or, in most states, serve on juries. A woman of 1916 would have had an extremely difficult time obtaining a divorce, getting into to an Ivy League college or starting a career.

Why Century-Old Nathan's Is Still America’s Most Famous Frank — On July 4, thousands of people will gather on the seamy streets of Coney Island in Brooklyn to witness a spectacle that only a city like New York can serve up. Seated onstage at a long table, some 20 iron-stomached contestants will dunk hot dogs into cups of water and then, in a 10-minute window, cram as many of them as possible into their faces.

How Kellogg's and General Mills Are Combatting Declining Cereal Sales — Oh, for the good old days of breakfast cereal. If you're of a certain age, chances are you can hum Kellogg's "Two scoops of raisins" jingle, imitate Tony the Tiger growling how "Grrreat!" Frosted Flakes were, and perhaps even remember when Bruce Jenner adorned a Wheaties box.

How an Ohio Candy Man Invented America’s Most Enduring Summertime Treat — Around the suburbs of Buffalo, N.Y., Bill Pavone is something of a celebrity. He's better known as Chilly Billy, which is also the name of his ice-cream truck. The freezers in the back hold no fewer that 32 varieties of packaged ice cream.

New Microsite Lets You See How Degas Would Have Painted Your Garden — () The impressionism movement in painting ended 124 years ago. Even so, wouldn't it be cool if you could see how Degas or Van Gogh would have painted your front yard-or, for that matter, your kid or your pet? Well, a new microsite lets you find out.
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RT @stuartenyt: Oh, so you don't believe it's a sheriff's star? Maybe in the next tweet he'll say it's the Texaco star 

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How metal legends #IronMaiden turned Boeing's 747 back into a seriously cool airplane: 

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