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10 of the Stars Who've Made the USO the Biggest Celebrity Brand in History — Quick, can you name the brand that counts more celebrity endorsers than any other in existence? A brand that's understood the power of having famous names and faces behind it for longer than many brands have even existed?And consider this: The brand not only has Hollywood's A-list lining up behind it, it doesn't pay a cent for the support.It's the United Services Organizations-or USO for short-and, in fairness, it isn't a brand you can buy in stores or online.

After 30 Years, Harley's Heritage Softail Is Still the Most Distinctive American Motorcycle — In 1981, business wasn't looking so great at Harley-Davidson. The company's bikes-legendary as they were-had been struggling to climb from an industry-wide slump created by Japanese makers flooding the market with cheap brands. Harley hit back in 1984 with the introduction of its new V-twin Evolution engine, but it would take the vision of Willie G.

Shinola's CMO Wants You to Know Where Its Products Come From, and the Story Behind Them — Luke Wilson is a busy man. With 64 movie and TV projects to his credit (and three more in postproduction), the Santa Monica, Calif.-based actor doesn't have a lot of time to hang out in Detroit-let alone stand on a roof in Detroit to host a short film.

Adweek's Brand Genius Class of 2016: Meet Marketing’s Most Talented 10 — Robert Ascroft As the most contentious presidential race in modern history grinds to its end, it seems like Americans can't agree on much. But take heart, fellow citizens, for all is not lost. According to a recent study, there's one thing nearly all of us can agree on: We like shopping.

How 2 Leading Retailers in the Thriving Arts-and-Crafts Game Compare Side-by-Side — The arts and crafts business grew 7 percent last year, and some say it's recession proof. Where are all the crafty critters spending their money? Probably at one of these two leading specialty retailers.

One of Retail's Most Recognizable Logos and the Minneapolis PR Man Who Created It — Stewart K. Widdess probably didn't think he was making history. For the time being, all he had to make was a name and a logo. It was 1961, and Widdess was the publicity man for Dayton's in Minneapolis. A downtown landmark since 1902, Dayton's was a fancy department store that sold things like fine jewelry and cashmere sweaters.

How Geek-Chic Glasses Pioneer Moscot's Lemtosh Frames Became So Cool — A few years ago, a customer walked into the Moscot eyeglasses shop on West 14th Street in New York with an interesting story. The man had just returned from St. Tropez, where he'd spotted Johnny Depp in a cafe, and (somewhat rudely) approached the star to ask what glasses he was wearing.

Metallica's Kirk Hammett Gets Strikingly Personal in This Video for Guitar Strings — Two years ago, Metallica made the Guinness Book of World Records by playing concerts on all seven continents-yes, including Antarctica-in a single year. The legendary metal band had already been on the road for over three decades, which means millions of people have seen Kirk Hammett, the coily-haired axeman with lightning fingers, play the guitar.

Here's How 5-Hour Energy Kicked Coffee Out of the Buzz Game — Let's assume you're reading this at 2 p.m. The lunch you had a couple of hours ago is leading to hypoglycemia. Since you've been awake for eight hours or so, your body's circadian rhythm is on the downswing. In other words, you're sleepy as hell. What to do?

Chew on This: Bazooka Just Popped Out a New Sugar-Free Formula — In 1947, the Topps company introduced what might just have been one of Brooklyn's first artisanal products, a thick pink slab of sugary stuff wrapped in red, white and blue wax paper with a free cartoon inside. Can you guess what it was? If you said Bazooka bubble gum, you're right.
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