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Trump’s tax plan might not be so business friendly — By There's been a lot of commentary on Donald Trump's tax plans, but since he's spoken like the true politician he is-out of both sides of his mouth-it's sometimes hard to figure out exactly what the guy stands for. Take one of the most important parts of his economic agenda: tax rates for small businesses.

We overreact to terrorism for the same reason we’re bad at investing — By Most people are lousy investors (not you, of course) because they, among other things, allow too much noise to interfere with their decision-making process. They hear something on TV, see a scary headline on a website and their emotions kick in. They trade too often, buying high, selling low and not achieving their investment goals.

Respect for America has climbed during the Obama era — By You make more money and have more influence when you're respected by others. By that I mean companies that have good reputations, that make superior products, provide exemplary service and maintain high levels of integrity and accountability are often worth more than those that don't.

Did JFK predict his own death? — As utterly shocking and traumatic as the assassination of John F. Kennedy was, the one person who might not have been surprised that it happened was JFK himself. It's worth remembering, as the 50th anniversary of JFK's death approaches, that the young president had a morbid fascination with sudden death - and sometimes speculated that he would die at the hands of an assassin.

The high cost of Trump wanting allies to ‘pay up’ — By On September 12, 2001, the day after the towers fell, the Pentagon was hit, and Shanksville violated, America's oldest and closest friends-our allies in NATO-invoked, for the first time in the alliance's 52-year history, Article 5. Article 5 says that if one member is the target of ''an armed attack,'' it ''shall be considered an attack against them all."

Trump’s pessimism at odds with every postwar president — By Even when times have been much, much worse than they are today, presidents have tried to convey optimism and good faith. With the Civil War raging in 1861, Abraham Lincoln spoke of America's blessings and his hopes for its "vast future."

Little to show from the Obama economic recovery — By The way the Obama administration talks, it's like the good old days are back. Housing prices are up, the auto industry has staged a strong rebound. Gas prices are low, the deficit's been cut 69%. More than 14 million jobs have been added to the economy.

Why gun industry’s biggest threat is neither Obama nor Clinton — By The National Rifle Association and the lawmakers it owns in Congress say "liberal gun grabbers" like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are their biggest threat. Actually, they should worry about a far more powerful force: the American consumer.

For better or worse, Clinton’s running on Obama’s economy — By Hillary Clinton is thrilled to have President Obama's endorsement. They'll campaign together next week in Wisconsin-as the race to November 8th shifts into high gear.

How much a Trump trade war could cost you — By Donald Trump is absolutely right that the U.S. has a big trade deficit with China. Last year it was $365 billion-a far cry from his half-trillion-dollar claim-but still a cool billion dollars a day.
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