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HBO's 'Westworld' Is the New 'Game of Thrones,' and Here's Why — HBO has killed Vinyl and put an end date on Game Of Thrones-which means the network is betting it's future on a series about an Old West theme park. Westworld ho! Maybe HBO's Westworld will eventually become Lost, a crumbling statue of innuendo and meaningless clues.

The Best New Menswear to Buy Right Now — From souvenir jackets to backpacks, Common Projects kicks to Nike's freshest shorts, this is the greatest brand spanking-new men's gear from around the web worth your hard-earned money.

How Chance the Rapper's Life Became Perfect — At just 23, Chance The Rapper has already earned the love and respect of his elders, like Kanye West, who let him lead off on The Life of Pablo, and his musical peers, who hear a generational voice in his third mixtape, Coloring Book.

Meet Wes Lang: Kanye Collaborator, Taste God, and World's Most Badass Artist — Welcome to Wes World, where every aspect of the L.A. painter's universe-the cars, the jewelry, the soaring spaces-is an attempt to make the world more his own. It's as though the real canvas is life itself.

Cam Newton on Those Versace Pants, Race in America, and Whether He Would Let His Kid Play Football — He isn't going to stop being great at football-15-1 last season, near unanimous MVP, a scorched-earth run to the Super Bowl-and he isn't going to stop reveling in his own greatness at football. He isn't going to stop celebrating after touchdowns and wins, or walking off podiums in angry silence after his team loses.

The Life of (Virgil) Abloh — Kanye West's longtime creative director is a walking, talking (and talking, and talking) embodiment of professional cool. And now that streetwear is making the leap from hipster kids to fashion kings, Virgil is trying to make the leap, too-without losing his balance Virgil Abloh is radically closed off about certain aspects of his life-being Kanye West's creative director, for instance, the first rule of which is never say anything about being Kanye West's creative director-and radically transparent about others.

The Flash Forward: Kevin Durant — He's the NBA's most unstoppable scorer, But the knock on Him so far is that he's too nice to be like Mike, too quiet to dethrone King James. Don't Believe it. Yes, Kevin Durant might kill you with kindness-but he's as deadly as any superstar alive

Why You Hate Drake, and Why You're Wrong About Hating Drake — By now it's clear that Drake's Thank Me Later, which comes out today, is pretty much the most polarizing record in rap since Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreaks--more so, even, since Kanye was a well-established and loved artist making his fourth record, where Drake, at 23, is a relative newcomer...

Why Shane Black's — In this month's Shot Callers, we talk a filmmaker who got his early Hollywood breakout with hits like 1987's 'Lethal Weapon,' then spent a decade trying to break back in. This is The Shot Callers, a new series in which GQ goes long with our favorite filmmaker of the month.

Robert Downey Jr. on Iron Man's "Second-Tier Superhero" Status and One Crazy-Ass Weekend Bender — He's always described as either the world's highest-paid actor or one of the greatest actors of his generation. So which one is it? Robert Downey Jr. keeps a couple of offices out in Venice Beach, near the water, in which he and his wife, Susan, and a handful of other people manage his affairs.
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