#AnimalWelfare reporter @toledonews, amester@theblade.com. Tweets are my own. Profile pic: #Adoptable Noel @LucasCountyDogs, bit.ly/2CSoi8l.

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Reporter after somewhat abruptly hanging up the phone: "You don't get a nice phone call if it takes you a month to respond to a public records request." @OHnewsroom #OHnewsroom @zack_lemon
Adorable pouty lip and forehead wrinkles? ☑️ Sweet disposition? ☑️ Ready to play? ☑️ All-around good girl? ☑️ Sponsored adoption fee? ☑️ I have literally no idea why Noel @LucasCountyDogs is still searching for a family:  http://bit.ly/2CSoi8l  #OptToAdopt https://t.co/QUenhC0jxB
Reports show #LenaweeCounty authorities were "very aware" of a farm where more than 200 #PuppyMill dogs and other animals were living in poor conditions. After a lengthy history of complaints, the owner is now charged with felony #AnimalCruelty:  http://bit.ly/2mDDfTJ  https://t.co/9ZWPlGxtCP
RT @LucasCountyDogs: Rio. Considers himself a tween at 10 months old. Lives for spirit week. Binge watches Glee on the weekends. The… https://t.co/Wi3EJh5RM8
This very sweet girl somehow survived a Dec. 26 car crash into an icy canal that killed her 3 family members. @PPIorg is now caring for Olivia, and senior girl Daisy who was also left behind after the tragedy:  http://bit.ly/2mxpbvP  https://t.co/rmHhdD5nyr
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