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The Medium is the Meringue

Politically Correct And Proud — Donald Trump practically founded his campaign as a rebuke of political correctness, invoking the term in his official acceptance of the GOP nomination. He paints political correctness as ideological bondage. He claims it blinds people to the world's hard "truths" - like that handicapped people are funny, or that brown people are bad.

Margot Lee Shetterly Wants To Tell More Black Stories — Your new book, "Hidden Figures," is the story of the black female mathematicians at NASA who helped put Americans on the moon. Why haven't we heard about this before? Where I grew up, in Hampton, Va., we knew the story, and we thought it was pretty normal.

Why Is My Dad Mad? — Welcome to "Why Is My Dad Mad?", MTV's occasional inquiry into issues that may come up on your Facebook feed or over dinner. Why is my dad mad? Has he been posting links to Talking Points Memo a lot lately? Does the name "Pam Bondi" appear in the headlines?

Lisa Lucas Wants to Make Reading Fun Again — In February, you were named the director of the National Book Foundation. What does that mean on a day-to-day level? Our mission is to enhance the cultural value of good writing in America. That's a big job! But I can't just think of it in terms of, say, a 10-year plan.

The Doctor Is Out — Debates about the health of presidential candidates are a staple of modern politics; they are also almost never really about the candidates' health. Historically, such complaints are more polite concern-trolling than real mudslinging: i.e., "I'm not saying John McCain is too old to be president, I'm just worried about him."

This Isn’t The Dystopia You’re Looking For: A Warning For Those Who ‘Burn It Down’ — Frustration with the American political system has reached new heights in 2016, whether measured by the popularity of "outsider" candidates or the number of voters who remain undecided this far into the election.

Whoopi Goldberg Wants to Make You Feel Better — You've been the moderator of "The View" since 2007, where you have been known to share the occasional provocative opinion, including that Bill Cosby should be considered innocent until proven guilty, which you later walked back. Do you consider the Roger Ailes case similarly?

Trump’s Dangerous Policy Nihilism — Stop wasting your time trying to figure out why Donald Trump has changed his position on immigration. Stop trying to convince his supporters that he has changed his position on immigration. The most important thing about Trump's position on immigration - whatever it is today - is that his supporters don't give a fuck about policy specifics; heck, they barely care about policy generalities.

Van Jones Can Empathize With Trump Voters — It seems as if what you're best known for, at least in pop culture, is being the guy Glenn Beck hounded out of the White House, and also for owning Jeffrey Lord on CNN. What would you like to be known for? I'm a serial, successful social entrepreneur.
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Sep 24, 2016

RT @Toure: In my panel I asked Cong Allen West if he was voting for Trump. He said he’s 65% of the way there. @anamariecox says that’s like 3/5ths.

Sep 24, 2016

@kasimreed: white Americans now facing addiction epidemic, persistent joblessness, breakdown of community.

Sep 24, 2016

ATL mayor @kasimreed: maybe problem w/white Amer is "they're facing the same problems that have historically plagued black Americans." /1

Sep 24, 2016

@toure, on his "State of Black America" panel: "maybe what we really should be talking about is what's the problem with White America" #ttf

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