MTV News/New York Times; animal lover, pundit, pants-skeptic. If you make a joke about MTV playing/not playing music videos, I will mute you.

Omarosa Manigault Changed Parties for Trump — You're a prominent member of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, as the director of African-American outreach, after competing on "The Appentice" in 2004. Statistically speaking, he does not seem to be having very much success with either women or minorities. Oh, my God, I disagree. When I took the position, we were polling at zero.

Why Is My Dad Mad: Outsider Candidate Edition — I can't help but notice you're wearing a Jill Stein/Harambe 2016 t-shirt. It's a joke! In more ways than Jill Stein herself realizes, probably. But that's why your dad is mad: He thinks you're going to vote for an outsider candidate, and thus will throw the election to ...

Russell Moore Can’t Support Either Candidate — You have a somewhat different approach than your predecessors at the Southern Baptist Convention. Your tenure has been marked by your advocacy for working with others with whom you can find common cause, particularly in regard to racial reconciliation, which you worked with Obama on. What influenced you to break the tradition?

What Should Republicans Do Next? — Sunday night's debate has already been enshrined in memes and conventional wisdom. Yes, we're going to see a spike in sales of red half-zip sweaters. Yes, Donald Trump's entire defense of his own bad behavior is "but Bill Clinton." Yes, Hillary Clinton is pitching character more than competence.

Why Is My Dad Mad? Trump Foundation Edition — Has he been hitting refresh on the Washington Post's website a lot? Does he whisper the name "Farenthold" with the kind of reverence usually reserved for high-end grilling accessories and no-iron khakis? More like riding lawnmowers and good walking shoes, but yes.

Aasif Mandvi Knows How to Make America Great Again — In August, you characterized Donald Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric as "a gift to terrorists" - specifically, you said it's like Christmas for ISIS. Would you care to extend that metaphor? Donald Trump is essentially tapping into the most fearful, racist, xenophobic, fear-based mind-set in this country, but he's also justifying that in other parts of the world.

Trump White People Like — The mainstream media has twisted itself in knots trying to separate Donald Trump's base from the candidate's obvious bigotry. When pundits talk about Trump's enduring popularity among non-college educated whites, they studiously avoid ascribing broad racial motivation. I've encountered the habit on panels myself.

Ana Navarro Wants Republicans to Stand Up to Trump — You and the other anti-Trump Republicans have been embraced by a lot of liberals because of the gusto with which you've gone after Trump. Does that feel a little strange for you? It's very mercurial. The liberals love you until you say something critical about Hillary Clinton.

A Guide To Watching The First Presidential Debate — It's finally here. Today's the day when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be forced to stand next to each other in front of a Super Bowl-size audience for nearly two hours while trying not to play an extended game of "stop hitting yourself."

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Oct 24, 2016


Oct 24, 2016

RT @oliverdarcy: Looks like @TomiLahren also deleted the tweet announcing herself as a co-host on Trump's new nightly newscast…

Oct 24, 2016

RT @FrankLuntz: Ground game staff OHIO • Dem: 502 • GOP: 104 FLORIDA • Dem: 678 • GOP: 150 PENN. • Dem: 508 • GOP: 62

Oct 24, 2016

RT @MoElleithee: When is last time a Pres candidate down in the polls went to DC to do ribbon cutting on his own hotel in last 2 wee…

Oct 24, 2016

RT @snowdenlit: “If I were talking to her right now, I’d say ‘Let’s handle this like mature adults, Miss Poopy Pants.’” —Donald Tru…

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