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Getting Beaten By A Girl — Donald Trump's insult comic routine is so familiar by now, it's easy to miss the subtleties that distinguish one slur from another. (Yes, I used "Trump" and "subtleties" in the same sentence.) Even so, some combination of pure native canniness and twisted psyche have combined in the GOP nominee to form an almost unerring sense for the exact right epithet for each target and each occasion.

Keep Trump In The Spotlight — As the nation recoils from Donald Trump's smirking flirtation with assassination fantasies, the connection between his rhetoric and the well-documented rage and violence present at his rallies has never been more obvious. The rage and violence are themselves obvious. I felt the crowd's anger and barely restrained physicality myself last weekend, when the Trump Train swung through Green Bay, Wisconsin.

No, Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Need To Woo The GOP — The sparks from Donald Trump's pyrotechnic midden pile of a campaign have now chased several relatively sane Republicans into Hillary Clinton's corner. Just this week, former GOP California gubernatorial candidate and 2008 John McCain surrogate Meg Whitman endorsed Clinton, adding her name to a list of GOP turncoats that includes high-ranking former advisers to Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and McCain, as well as George W.

Guess Which Party Loves The Military Now? — In an election filled with gobsmacking inversions of conventional wisdom, the Democrats' ability to seize the banners of patriotism and military support from their rivals may not even rank in the top five headscratchers.

A Guide To Watching The Democratic Convention

The 2016 Election

A Guide To Watching The Republican Convention — The Republican National Convention starts today, and it promises to be ... memorable? Confusing? A living embodiment of the dumpster fire GIF that has already become an overused symbol for a presidential election that's still more than 100 days away? It's destined to be something.

Platform Dive - MTV — For the past 50 years or so, political conventions have tended to resemble a "Midwest Regional Commercial Insurance Brokers of America" meet-up: Paunchy professionals gathered together to pat each other on the backs and engage in some mildly reckless binge drinking in fast-casual chain restaurants.

John Dickerson Is Tired of Politicians’ Propaganda — You took over at "Face the Nation" from Bob Schieffer, who is the longest-­running moderator of a Sunday network news show, in 2015. What advice did he give you? He told me to stick to the news. Everybody's attention is shredded with all kinds of different distractions.

On The Ground In Saint Paul: Mourners Rail Against The Murder Of Philando Castile — There were two vigils for Philando Castile in Saint Paul yesterday. One started hours after he was killed. It began with veteran Black Lives Matter organizers and Castile's friends and family in the streets of Falcon Heights and migrated to the front lawn of the governor's mansion.
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Aug 23, 2016

RT @annaeleanor: @ the store, a guy was carrying a heavy box. His coworker encouraged him by yelling, "Do it for Harambe!" The most 2016 thing I've ever seen

Aug 23, 2016

RT @SopanDeb: Not enough gets made of Trump repeatedly citing the Great Wall of China as his model for building the Southern wall:

Aug 23, 2016

RT @tracysefl: By this time tmrw, @anamariecox & I will be done @sidewireinc'ing with THE @tabithasoren. Hit us up with any Qs you have in…

Aug 23, 2016

Real question: Is this Trump rally tonight at 730pm CT different from the Hannity special at 9pm CT?

Aug 23, 2016

RT @kenvogel: SPOTTED: in ATL security line just now: @JebBush. Lotsa well-wishers. One said he wished he could vote Jeb! on 11/8.

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