I am a geologist and writer, and mainly do petroleum-related work.

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@Ed_Crooks @OxfordEnergy Premise of infinite, cheap tite oil supply is BOGUS. No evidence supply > 20 b bls. Post price collapse constant $ oil prices 2.8x Reagan-Clinton era good times & not that much lower than boom/bubble era prices. BPs chief economist should know this. Chief tight oil propagandist? https://t.co/nrUfhGwSgn
@CalgaryWJL Gas production is increasing b/c it is being gathered instead of flared. GOR is falling based on my study:  http://www.artberman.com/the-beginning-of-the-end-for-the-bakken-shale-play/ 
@JackNaneek Shocking that shale plays are not exempt from planetary laws.
@Earth2larryo I'm waiting for the new ad, "I thought I was Norwegian but found I out I am 97% shithole."
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