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The Future of Work Summit — For generations, the American experience involved going to school, getting an education, entering the workforce and having a career. Today, technological advancements, demographic shifts and the ever-changing economic landscape threaten to change the definition of work. Robots are replacing humans and lines of code are replacing bricks and mortar.

The Myth of the 'Female' Foreign Policy, Cont'd — The Atlantic recently did a special project on women in leadership, for which I contributed a modest reflection on women in foreign policy. There aren't a lot of female leaders on the global stage, but they're increasing in number, and I wanted to know how, or whether, they do things differently than the men we're used to having run things.

"That's Called Business, By The Way" | RealClearMarkets

'That's Called Business, by the Way' — Donald J. Trump on why he hoped for the housing market to collapse. For us to continue writing great stories, we need to display ads. Please select the extension that is blocking ads. Please follow the steps below Rebecca J. Rosen is a senior editor at The Atlantic, where she oversees the Business Channel.

Your Guide to the Web's Best Hurricane-Tracking Tools — If a map isn't your preferred search tool, New York City's Office of Emergency Management has an evacuation-zone finder. Just enter your address and it will tell you what you should do. Unfortunately, because the NYC government sites have been inundated with traffic, some of their pages are down.

Are large-scale GP organisations on the road to sustainability? — While GPs that merge to form bigger partnerships are common, past research shows that patients still prefer smaller practices

The Best Business and Economics Books for Summer — Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating | Moira Weigel What's it about? A history of dating in America, that shows how it's always been tied to the market forces of their era. Why should I read it? It's nice to read a book about dating that's not a memoir or self-help book.

A Strong Middle Class Doesn't Just Happen Naturally — A strong middle class is, for many people, central to the American idea. There are other core values too, of course-freedom, political representation, individualism, etc.-but an economy in which families can feel economic security, live comfortably, and build up wealth is definitely on the list. But that's not the economy America has today.

The On-Demand Society — When today's consumers want to watch a TV show, they can watch it when they want on Netflix. When they want to buy household goods, they can order them from Amazon, even when the stores are all closed. And when they want a car, they can just book a Zipcar or hail an Uber, without owning a car.

‘Return on Investment’: The Narrow, Short-Sighted Finance Concept That Has Taken Over Society — What's a good use of money? For investors, that question comes down to a relatively straightforward calculation: Which of the available options has the greatest expected return on the investment? But investors are far from the only people who are using the "return on investment" framework to weigh different options.
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Oct 21, 2016

RT @Econ_Marshall: It's kind of unfortunate that economists talk about economic growth all the time but have no idea what causes it.

Oct 21, 2016

Realizing we're going to have to weather a lot of bullshit like this in the years ahead (knock on wood) 

Oct 19, 2016

RT @megangarber: It was 85 degrees in DC today. But, sure, the catastrophic ticking time bomb that we should definitely be talking about now is entitlements.

Oct 19, 2016

"Nobody has more respect for women than I do." Does *anybody* believe this?

Oct 17, 2016

@melissadahl @eleanorbarkhorn remember when we used to not think about him at all? I ran a piece on Trump U in early 2014 & it felt random

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