GChat Typing Indicator: The Most Awkward Feature of Online Chat — Text and instant messages, however, are eroding this advantage. We don't correspond over text and instant messages, like we do in letters; we chat in quick informal exchanges, like we do face-to-face. And one of the underpinnings of spoken conversation is what's known in linguistics as turn-taking.

Mark Twain Found Inspiration in Germany (Though the Language Eluded Him) — Heidelberg's only Mark Twain impersonator takes his work seriously. His eyebrows and mustache are unruly, and his long gray hair overlaps his ears. He wears a white suit that is too warm in summer and not warm enough in winter.

Trump Blasts Media for Reporting Things He Says — NEW YORK ( The Borowitz Report)-The Republican nominee Donald Trump tore into the media on Thursday for what he called their "extremely unfair practice" of reporting the things he says. "I'll say something at a rally and I look out and see all these TV cameras taking every word down," Trump told Fox News' Sean Hannity.

A Cartoonist Travels in China: Wuhan — Earlier this year, the cartoonist Edward Steed spent a month travelling in China. Each day this week we will be publishing an extract from his travel diary. In today's installment, he visits Wuhan and asks the hotel receptionist what there is to do there.

Daily Cartoon: Wednesday, August 10th

Bird-watcher - The New Yorker — Every weekday for the past twenty-seven years, a long-in-the-tooth history major named Phil Schaap has hosted a morning program on WKCR, Columbia University's radio station, called "Bird Flight," which places a degree of attention on the music of the bebop saxophonist Charlie Parker that is so obsessive, so ardent and detailed, that Schaap frequently sounds like a mad Talmudic scholar who has decided that the laws of humankind reside not in the ancient Babylonian tractates but in alternate takes of "Moose the Mooche" and "Swedish Schnapps."

Love the Fig - The New Yorker — The produce section of the grocery store is a botanical disaster. Most people know that a tomato is technically a fruit, but so is an eggplant, a cucumber, and a spaghetti squash. A banana, which grows from a flower with a single ovary, is actually a berry, while a strawberry, which grows from a flower with several ovaries, isn't a berry at all but an aggregate fruit.

Chekhov, Thomas Mann, and the Long Summer Vacation — Chekhov, Thomas Mann, and the longueurs of vacationing.After a proposal from a rich but ridiculous suitor, Tony Buddenbrook, the high-society heroine of Thomas Mann's first novel, leaves the Germany city of Lübeck for Travemünde, a resort town where the Trave River meets the Baltic Sea. "I won't pay any attention to the social whirl at...

Brexit Made One U.K. Leader Look Good, and We’re Not Talking Theresa May — Leave it to the land of Shakespeare to stage a drama where all the male leads end up dead. The first head to roll after the U.K.'s June 23 vote to leave the European Union was Prime Minister David Cameron's.

Stephen Shore Photography: American Surfaces to Uncommon Places — These exhibits are an opportunity to admire the pure power of the camera at a time when many of us regard it as just another app on our smartphones. On social media, we stand in a buffet line of each other's photos, stuffed but never satisfied.
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