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MIT Professor Calls Out The Biggest Lies Told About Entrepreneurs — I recently asked a question to my social media followers: "Are you born an entrepreneur or can you learn to be one." I believe you are born with some innate characteristics that make you an entrepreneur. Without those, it's very difficult to be one.

Watch: How do you overcome a spell of tough luck?

Watch: Are you born an entrepreneur or can you learn to be one?

Watch: What was your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it?

Stop iPhone Listening to Me! — It's a crime almost every manager has committed. And the penalty can be that you lose influence with your team. Call it "iPhone listening." You've been there--you're allegedly listening to someone, but what you're really doing is scrolling through your smartphone, checking your e-mail or the latest Tweets.

Watch: What is your power food?

One CEO Gets Real About Divorce And The Impact On His Job — Numerous studies have been published recently revealing that a CEO's job is terribly lonely. That isolation is especially apparent when a corporate or personal crisis erupts. As one CEO once said to me, there's only one chair in the whole organization that's like yours.

Watch: How do you give negative feedback?

Want to Motivate Your Employees? Keep Criticizing Them. — A few days ago, German software giant SAP announced it was abandoning its annual performance review system. Turns out, the company that made software to help companies evaluate millions of workers was finding that the entire system needed a major upgrade.

Watch: What do you do to become more productive and effective?

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Aug 30, 2016

RT @RadiateInc: #RadiatePollResults We asked if a four-year college degree is critical to success. 58% of you don't think so!

Aug 30, 2016

RT @RadiateInc: You can remember the name of everyone you meet after watching our #ProGuide with learning expert @jimkwik: 

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