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"Some of my early novels [have] bits that really make me wince. Just incredibly ungallant descriptions of women. And of men. I wouldn't, I couldn't do that now:" Martin Amis on what time and age do to novelists (paywall now, but in Saturday's Globe).  https://tgam.ca/2oWgZps 
Essay about shanzhai, the Chinese "philosophy" that celebrates the realness of fakeness, by a real philosopher, although its bald justification of outright theft makes it feel like total BS. Am clearly not smart enuf for post-modern world.  https://logger.believermag.com/post/shanzhai 
RT @BillKristol: Every American boy’s dream: When he grows up, to be sued by a porn star.
@TeriHart @JoSchneller I admit that after Becca asked him to just leave for the 65th time, I...left the room. Someone had to. #TheBachelor
#TheBachelor at this point is like an almost wordless late-career Beckett play. Although it would be much better if they were both buried to their necks in sand.
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