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When it came to Cleveland, Toronto’s bats went quiet: Arthur | Toronto Star — In Game 3 of what might be the last stand for these Blue Jays, Cleveland's starting pitcher had to leave after four batters. Trevor Bauer's drone-mangled stitched-up pinky finger couldn't hold together. He was wiping it on his shirt; it was dripping like a horror-movie faucet; there was blood spatter on his pants.

Jose Bautista staying in the zone — his zone, at least: Arthur | Toronto Star — We know Jose Bautista at this point. It's been a long marriage between the city and man, which began of convenience and became one of deep affection. We know his habits, his strengths, his weaknesses. We know the marriage may end soon, as some marriages do.

After big bats go silent again, Blue Jays will have work cut out for them down 2-0: Arthur | Toronto Star — CLEVELAND-The breeze blew out, and the air was warm, and that didn't matter. The Toronto Blue Jays were facing a fly-ball pitcher with a slow fastball, and that didn't matter. They've been a simple team all season, really: Would they hit? And sometimes they did, and sometimes they didn't.

Frustrated Jays’ bats go cold - Toronto Star Touch — Game 1 loss was a case of missed opportunities, but this was a game Cleveland had to win, and there's still a lot of series left CLEVELAND - Don't blame the ump. The Toronto Blue Jays ended last season blaming the ump, and he deserved some blame, but not all of it.

Frustrated Jays’ bats go cold, plate umpire works outside the frame: Arthur | Toronto Star — The Cleveland Indians took Game 1 of the ALCS 2-0, and it's not that Toronto didn't have chances; they got runners into scoring position in the first, the second, the third, the fourth, and wasted every chance. And the strike zone was an issue.

The future is never far from the Blue Jays’ present: Arthur | Toronto Star — CLEVELAND-Mark Shapiro came home to Cleveland, and it felt . . . natural. Natural and good, he said. He spent 14 years here, leaving behind a front office of baseball men who talk the way he talks, with that corporate cadence, polished to an opaque shine. They know him here.

NFL picks — Kaepernick starts, but these are still the 49ers: Arthur | Toronto Star — Remember when people said Colin Kaepernick wasn't a good enough player to kneel during the American national anthem? God, we were all so much younger then, back before all the things that have happened and keep happening, and which are piped directly into our brains not just by TV and radio but by the Internet, which if you want is never further away than your pocket.

Poor Cleveland . . . here come the Blue Jays: Arthur | Toronto Star — Finally, Toronto will have its revenge. Or have a chance at its revenge. Or its rematch, sort of; revenge seems a little strong, to be honest. Either way, our ancient enemy is at the gates again, threatening the sports joy of our city. Yes, it's Cleveland.

Blue Jays make most of their second chances: Arthur | Toronto Star

Blue Jays offence answers bell with dingers: Arthur | Toronto Star — This year, Jose Bautista wasn't very good. Well, that's not true. He was fine. He was an above-average hitter, when healthy. But he wasn't Jose freaking Bautista. Well, hello there. For whatever reason, from Bautista on out, the Toronto Blue Jays have lifted themselves out of whatever was grinding them down as the season screeched to a close.
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Oct 21, 2016

The first two happen and you're like wow amazing and then the third one is like the red pill from the Matrix 

Oct 21, 2016

@BobbyBigWheel I hope someone has screenshotted and saved all these precious beautiful tweets

Oct 21, 2016

RT @ByTimReynolds: Anthem singer at Heat game kneels, wears "Black Lives Matter" shirt. Team was unaware of her plan beforehand.

Oct 21, 2016

RT @ericgeller: This was Fox News a few minutes ago, trying to explain a DDoS attack to their viewers. I am laughing so hard.

Oct 21, 2016

@ryancrago @timstone47 Haven't seen him much while covering the playoffs, but he was great there

Oct 21, 2016

What's the use in attacking the Internet and not killing it, come on, newspapers don't have all day

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