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How Wikileaks Reveals The Generations Of Clinton Power — Outside a Trump event in New Jersey a couple of weeks ago, a truck driver named Alex Pniewski took a break from yelling "WikiLeaks" at the top of his lungs to argue with me about Wikileaks. Pniewski told me they hacked emails revealed sweeping corruption.

Former Republican Party Chairman Says He Won’t Vote For Trump — Michael Steele, who led the Republican Party from 2009 to 2011, became the latest senior Republican figure to say he would not vote for Donald Trump. "I will not be voting for Clinton," Steele told a dinner in honor of the 40th anniversary of the progressive magazine Mother Jones in San Francisco Friday.

Trump Pitches Himself As The American Modi — EDISON, NJ - This was the lightest, most normal, political event Donald Trump has led in days, a cheerful, policy-focused, speech full of garden-variety pandering ("I am a big fan of Hindu and I am a big fan of India. Big big fan."), and cheers from a friendly crowd mostly here for the Bollywood music and dance.

Where Is Trump's War On Media Headed? — So what is it actually like to be a reporter in a place where an authoritarian ruler seeks to destroy the media, and rallies his supporters against it? That remains a fairly remote scenario in the United States, with its strong courts and tradition of journalistic independence.

Leaked Polling Doesn't Reveal Plot Against Obama — But Does Show Clinton's Weaknesses — Perhaps the most explosive thing to emerge from the Wikieaks' latest dive into John Podesta's email is an exchange about polling on, among other things, Barack Obama's Muslim ancestry and claim (doubtful, by the way!) to have used cocaine.

We Told You So - BuzzFeed News — There's a soul song Donald Trump likes to recite at his rallies, Al Wilson's "The Snake." It recounts a fable drawn from Aesop, in which a woman finds a beautiful snake half dead, revives it. The snake bites her and she dies. It's a fable of weakness and naivete, and Trump applies it to the U.S.

The Plan To Save Capitalism From Donald Trump — At a private gathering of wealthy Republicans this June, a banker named Edward Conard made a radical proposal: To save capitalism from Donald Trump, American business leaders would need to abandon old allies and make an "odious" new deal with low-wage workers. "If advocates of the free enterprise want to regain control of the Republican Party ...

How Hillary Clinton Took Charge In The First Presidential Debate — Here is the story of this debate so far: Hillary Clinton is a strong debater, and she came to play. Donald Trump stood at center stage through most of a dozen presidential debates this fall, and should by all rights have been at the center of Monday night's.

Darkness Visible – BuzzFeed Collections — They have always been there of course: The overt racists with mainstream aspirations for their fervid journals and websites, full of theories about Jewish power and race science. And the trolls have always been there too, dark geniuses (and idiots) of 4chan and Reddit and their predecessors.

A Republican Who Thinks Trump Is Playing Too Nice

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Oct 25, 2016

RT @tparti: Priorities official describes Sen strategy as "kill two birds with one stone" Clinton strategy more varied:

Oct 25, 2016

RT @tparti: Pro-Clinton super PAC is shifting resources downballot. They've been polling presidential AND senate for 9 months

Oct 25, 2016

RT @maxabelson: Here it is! The Trumpiest Trump biz of all time: Trump Tower, where Trump's already king. Please step inside & enjoy https:…

Oct 25, 2016

Who would have thought Clinton would be in a position to close this race out with a positive message. V unusual in modern politics.

Oct 25, 2016

RT @EricNewcomer: Facebook has registered more than 2 million people to vote #WSJDLive

Oct 25, 2016

RT @michaelkruse: Two weeks till November 8. I'm reminded of this conversation from 1995 as described in @Gail_Sheehy's 1999 book abo…

Oct 25, 2016

RT @henrygoldman: still looking for a hella chill operations deputy (w startup + news experience) to grow @BuzzFeedNews video team

Oct 25, 2016

RT @SopanDeb: A note that we just received from someone attending the Trump rally here in Tallahassee:

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