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Things I learned today: Parenting Twitter is so much nicer than regular Twitter!
@jet_set This is very kind of you! Thank you. One thing that's been so encouraging about being a first-time mom is realizing there's a community of women who support each other through this process.
@jet_set @Nicole_Cliffe Yes! My fear is that I'm going to do all this planning, end up a wreck anyway, and feel even worse about how I thought I'd have it all figured out. There's just no way to know how you're going to feel, right? So much of this is totally unpredictable.
@Tea_Pocket That's what I'm hoping! "It's going to be fiiiiiiine," has become my new life mantra.
5 months pregnant and trying not to fill @Nicole_Cliffe's feed with all-caps cries for help. Like this: AM I CRAZY FOR THINKING I CAN TRANSITION BACK TO WORK ONE MONTH AFTER BIRTH? My husband and I have a plan in place, but I worry I don't know what I'm in for. #ParentsArePeople
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