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@saladinahmed just here to see how long this thread goes before a "booty" joke is made.
you guys have been great! thanks for hanging out with us!!!! I love this! Our parenting advice column Care And Feeding debuts on the re-designed @slate today!!! Be sure to send your questions to careandfeeding@slate.com 💛💜🖤#ParentsArePeople  https://slate.com/human-interest/2018/01/slates-parenting-advice-columnists-answer-questions-about-whether-to-have-kids-racism-and-inappropriate-affection.html 
I'm only slightly ashamed to cop to the level of pleasure I've taken watching certain sanctimonious judge-y parents end up struggling mightily with their own kids. #ParentsArePeople  https://twitter.com/Nicole_Cliffe/status/953326745288978432 
but now that I think about it, who even knows if THAT'S our influence. Maybe just some combo of genetics and ingrained personality their mom and I share which is why we were together at all. The only things I KNOW matter are love, attention, laughter, patience, and respect.  https://twitter.com/carvellwallace/status/953324793712922624 
RT @carvellwallace: in terms of executive functioning which we swore we were BUILDING FROM THE GROUND UP our kids couldn't be more diff… https://t.co/HYfua8EFsu
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