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@LoneWolf907 @scifri @GeorgiaTech Yes that is one of the challenges, developing a structure that is lightweight but can resist the enormous pressure on it from the outside. You can check out more details in the project proposal here! 
@LoneWolf907 @scifri @GeorgiaTech It's an airship that has all the gas sucked out of it, thus making it lighter than the CO2-filled atmosphere of Mars. (as opposed to filling the structure with light gases like H and He, which are lighter than the other gases in Earth's atmosphere)
Final verdict: Pancakes would be *fluffier* on Mars! (due to more prevalent CO2 and lower gravity, says @NASA's Stan Love) 
The atmosphere on Mars is *perfect* for deploying a vacuum airship, says John-Paul Clarke of @GeorgiaTech #WANT #SciFriLive
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