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@nw5 I also know you can’t talk about such issues in a vacuum, so I understand your point (despite me not being up to speed about what a minor pressure group says). It’s why links between the Tories and Russian ‘businessmen’ worry me - they have huge, hidden effects on our city.
@nw5 Thanks - I’m afraid I’m fairly ignorant re what the STW stance is, or whether JC supports or condemns what they say re Syria, Crimea (more imp test of his views is surely what Lab policy is?). But as per original tweet, I’m interested in what he has said about this current issue.
<< all I’m hearing is anger about dumb Newsnight laziness, the usual mouths shouting ‘he’s a Commie’ (tho how that would make him pro-Putin is beyond me)... so, any links (such as Hansard, speeches, or official statements not newspaper comment pieces) gratefully received.
<< Jeremy Corbyn is being accused of being ‘pro-Russian.’ Either people are being grossly misled or I’ve missed it. Didnt he say a/ it’s despicable b/ we need a full enquiry into what happened and go through established international channels, and then take appropriate action? >>
I can never be bothered with discussing politics on Twitter. It’s so shouty and short, without any way to have a conversation, go off on interesting tangents and asides, and I lose patience tapping stuff out... but I’d be really grateful if anyone can send me links to why >>
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