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Seen another way, Seattle's gun tax raised almost most enough to pay for one full-time city worker making the median wage. Almost, but not quite:  http://st.news/2CVqH0Q   https://twitter.com/seattletimes/status/974686247015895040 
Here's a news organization holding itself to account for a bad mistake. It is impressive.  https://twitter.com/ProPublica/status/974415667783860225 
RT @rgrunbaum: Nordstrom (the company) to Nordstrom (the family that owns biggest chunk): Don't try to buy us on the cheap. We're… https://t.co/VJeJqjMEVe
Seattle's city attorney has a weakness for rescuing squirrels, but didn't realize it was prohibited by state law. The sad end to a meltingly cute critter named Hawthorne, by @c_clarridge:  http://st.news/2HUYryB  https://t.co/qTtQpGpMCO
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