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David Dobbs writes features and essays for publications including The New York Times, National Geographic, Slate, Wired.com, The New York Times Magazine, and other publications. Several of his stories have been chosen for leading science anthologies; most recently, his much-discussed feature for the Atlantic, "The Orchid Children," was selected by Jerome Groopman for Ecco/HarperPerennial's Best American Science Writing 2010. He is now writing a book, working title ...

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Kill Whitey. It’s the Right Thing to Do.

wired.com — A couple years ago, David Pizarro, a young research psychologist at Cornell, brewed up a devious variation on the classic trolley problem. The trolley problem is that staple of moral psychology studies at dinner parties in which you ask someone to decide under what conditions it's morally permissible to kill one person to save others....

Childhood disintegrative disorder is rare, poorly understood, and completely terrifying.

slate.com — This article originally appeared on Spectrum and is reproduced here with permission. It's difficult to tell what Gina Pace wants unless you already know what she wants. But sometimes that's easy, and this is one of those times: Gina wants pizza. "I-buh!" she says repeatedly-her version of "I want."

The most terrifying childhood condition you’ve never heard of

spectrumnews.org — Photographs by Cristina Pye It's difficult to tell what Gina Pace wants unless you already know what she wants. But sometimes that's easy, and this is one of those times: Gina wants pizza. "I-buh!" she says repeatedly - her version of "I want." We all do.

The most terrifying childhood condition you’ve never heard of | Spectrum

daviddobbs.net — I'm honored to have written The most terrifying childhood conditions you've never heard of, a story of rare disorder; the researchers trying to crack it; and the uncommon love between a father and his 24-year-old daughter.

“He Thinks He’s Untouchable”. Buzzfeed outs another serial harasser.

daviddobbs.net — Accountability journalism ain't quite dead yet. Azeen Ghorayshi with another great scoop on horrid behavior. One of the employees was an administrator whom Katze had hired, at an unusually high salary, on the implicit condition that she submit to his sexual demands.

My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard: A Mother Jones Investigation | Mother Jones

daviddobbs.net — A MoJo reporter gets a job as a prison guard at a private prison. The orientation was a bit disorienting. The human resources director comes in and scolds Reynolds for napping. He perks up when she tells us that if we recruit a friend to work here, we'll get 500 bucks.

Felix Salmon: Peter Thiel’s campaign against Gawker is a template for crushing media

daviddobbs.net — Salmon makes a strong and highly unsettling argument: The next step, after the Hogan verdict, was for Thiel to go public. After the enormous damages were announced and the long appeals process creaked into action, it started to become obvious that Gawker would need to raise more capital in order to continue to be able to fight the case.

Forget Zika for a moment. The future is in Africa’s yellow fever outbreak.

daviddobbs.net — From Maryn McKenna at NatGeo: Zika virus has been earning all the headlines, because it is already affecting Americans-including 300 pregnant women, according to a new CDC estimate-and is expected to move into U.S. mosquitoes as the summer bug season starts.

The Selfish Gene is a static meme, and that ain’t science

daviddobbs.net — When I argued not long ago that Richard Dawkins's 'selfish-gene' model obscures richer emerging views of genetics and evolution, the responses ranged from enthusiastic agreement to objections both civil and savage. I naturally drew pleasure from the excited agreement, which came from both laypeople and scientists.

Is the gene still selfish after all these years?

daviddobbs.net — Philip Ball on the strange, often savage defense of a 40-year-old meme past its prime: The fact is that genes can only propagate with the help of other genes. John Maynard Smith recognized this in the 1970s, and so did Dawkins. He chose the wrong title, and the wrong metaphor, and wrote a superb book about them.
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Jul 22, 2016

RT @edyong209: Hey look, it's the first excerpt from my book, at the New Yorker! On how mums breast-feed their kids' microbiome.  http://www.newyorker.com/tech/elements/breast-feeding-the-microbiome 

Jul 22, 2016

RT @NateSilver538: Don't think people are really grasping how plausible it is that Trump could become president. It's a close election right now.

Jul 22, 2016

RT @theonlyadult: I don't give a fuck if you don't like Hillary Clinton. Hold your nose and vote. There's a Nazi at the gate.

Jul 22, 2016

RT @ivan_hernandez: I'm proBernie but would vote Hillary as I am a one issue voter and that issue is not opening the seventh seal and ushering in the apocalypse

Jul 22, 2016

RT @DartCenter: Those reporting in #Munich, see German-language tips on covering shootings, self-care, peer support  http://dartcenter.org/resources?language[0]=2 

Jul 22, 2016

@DrMRFrancis @seanmcarroll Pardon, Matt, but Sean & I are both middle-aged men of gentle & generous disposition, ya goddam asshole.

Jul 22, 2016

RT @reportedly: Munich police cite eyewitness reports of 3 possible gunmen. Unconfirmed; initial reports like this sometimes prove to be incorrect.

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