History is a race between education and catastrophe: HG Wells. Me: Science curator @TEDtalks, among other things. Read my book The Unnatural World out now!

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I am an award-winning journalist writing primarily about the environment and energy. I am working on a book about whether the planet has entered a new geologic age as a result of human impacts and, if so, what we should do about this Anthropocene. I’ve been writing for Scientific American since N...



2012 - Broadcast Journalism
Detroit Public TV "Beyond the Light Switch" An ambitious and thoughtful documentary series that laid out the facts and conundrums of energy policy facing us all In this outstanding example of explanatory journalism, director Ed Moore and reporter David Biello from Scientific American make the complex and important subject of energy policy engaging and accessible to audiences. This smart two-part series takes a balanced look at where Americans get their energy today, and where it might come from tomorrow. The producers explore the current debates over fracking for natural gas and nuclear power, weighing the environmental and economic costs and benefits as demands for power continue to grow in the digital age. With context and clarity, clear graphics and excellent writing, the team explains scientific issues that are impacting our world. Ed Moore, director, producer; David Biello, Ed Moore, writers; Jordan Wingrove, editor; Bill Kubota, cinematographer; Paul Dzendzel, audio; Bill Kubota, Genevieve Savage, co-producers Original Story: Trailer for "Beyond the Light Switch"

Earth Journalism Award

2009 - North America, Europe & Australia