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@joffeorama @metasynthie my favorite thing about her is that as soon as she starts talking about public policy she gets SUPER granular and specific
An absolutely brilliant piece of formalism—there’s no other context I can think of where this would even work. 
A lovely comic, by an artist I’d never heard of before, about her first Burning Man. For those of you who’ve asked me what it’s like: it’s like this. 
@kennybloggins @graemem @ProfofEvil And yet the time when Aunt May "died" but it turned out 3 years later it was an actor hired by Norman Osborn is (rightly) Let Us Never Speak Of This Again
@graemem OK so I'm coming in late to this, but: * $10 vol. 1 TPBs. Works GREAT for Image. Yells "start here!!!" * More visual risk-taking. Last time they pulled out of a big sales slump was ca. 2000: Quitely, Maleev, Mack, etc. on flagship titles.
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