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@islivingston Yeah. Problem is that BOTH parties are helplessly broken. The Dems can’t get out of their own way, and the GOP has completely sold itself to Trump. So nothing is being done to stop it.
@islivingston There is a reason for the speed that these firings are happening -- they know that they're likely to face a much different Congress in a matter of months. Expect this entire admin to go hard right from top to bottom. This really is a dark time in American history.
@chrislhayes Let's also remember there's a clock on these moves. While this one doesn't require congressional confirmation, this looks like an attempt to stack the govt with as many loyalists before Dems take control and put the brakes on. There is more to come, for sure.
@jaketapper @tomwatson Nothing pleases this crowd Jake, you're basically wasting your time. I think it's a great panel - 2 men, 2 women, all with varying opinions. I'll be tuning in.
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