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Lower pound a 'welcome change', says former bank chief Lord King — The former Bank of England Governor, Mervyn King, has told Sky News that the plunge in the pound is a "welcome change" for the UK economy. Lord King said that recent fears over the behaviour of the pound, which has fallen to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985, were overblown.

Chancellor Philip Hammond recruits adviser from HSBC ahead of Brexit talks — Philip Hammond has recruited Karen Ward, chief European economist at HSBC, as his key economic adviser, Sky News has learned. Ms Ward, a former Bank of England economist, has been appointed as Special Economic Adviser to the Chancellor - adding economic ballast to Mr Hammond's team, most of whom came over from the Foreign Office.

French finance minister warns of Brexit 'consequences' — The City of London must be stripped of one of its most lucrative businesses when Britain leaves the European Union, the French finance minister has told Sky News. In comments which will be seen as a further escalation of Brexit tension between Britain and its European partners, Michel Sapin said that London's clearing operations, which involve the processing of euro transactions from around the world, could no longer remain in the UK.

IMF and WTO issue alerts on global trade growth — It is the kind of headline that sends a shiver through economists' spines: "Global trade growth hits new low". After all, over the past few decades, economic growth has been closely correlated with trade flows.

The dangers of the R word — Even if you weren't following the referendum campaign closely you'll probably remember a few of the economic highlights (lowlights?): the Vote Leave £350m bus; the "punishment Budget" and George Osborne predicting that there would be a recession if Britain left the EU. Now we know that all three of these claims were, in their own way, wrong.

EU: Osborne Warning Over Capital Flight Cost — Evidence that investors are shifting billions of pounds out of British assets is just a "taste of things to come" if we vote to leave the EU, the Chancellor has warned. His comments come after Sky News discovered some £65bn either left the UK or was converted into other currencies in March and April - the fastest rate since the financial crisis in early 2009.

More People Keeping Cash Outside Banks — Households may have started to hoard their cash, with new figures showing that the amount of money being kept outside Britain's banking system is now rising at the fastest rate since the financial crisis.

Hammond: Global Economy Faces Brexit 'Shadow' — The world economy will be darkened by a two-year Brexit "shadow", Philip Hammond has told Sky News. Speaking on the fringes of the G20 finance ministers' meeting in Chengdu - his first overseas visit as Chancellor - Mr Hammond acknowledged the decision to leave the EU would "hang over the world economy" until at least 2018.

IMF: Brexit May Not Mean A British Recession — Britain need not suffer a recession if it leaves the European Union, the International Monetary Fund has said in its assessment of the risks around the referendum. The Fund said that the UK economy would be comparatively weaker if it left the EU but under its "limited" scenario - in which Britain stayed in the European Economic Area, the group that includes Norway - growth would slip from 2.2% to 1.4% next year.

The elephant (not) in the room — At the time of the Bank of England's interest rate decision, no-one in the room knew who was going to be Britain's new Chancellor. This might seem like an odd thing to mention, given right now the main story people will be obsessing with is the element of shock - that the Monetary Policy Committee decided not to cut rates.
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Oct 24, 2016

NYT latest assessment of polls: Clinton now has a 93% chance of winning the presidential election… 

Oct 24, 2016

@Antony_SW11 We run our slide rule over all plans, from all parties. See my full article on Trump vs Clinton here: 

Oct 24, 2016

@mackieap To be honest I hadn't seen that on Twitter. I was actually quite proud of the joke!

Oct 24, 2016

Donald Trump's fiscal plans would raise eyebrows in a banana republic, let alone the world's biggest economy 

Oct 23, 2016

RT @krogoff: Blaming @bankofengland for woes due to ultra-low world interest rates, globalization and #Brexit uncertainty is naked populism bad economics

Oct 22, 2016

Re Android Twitter app, lots of votes for Talon. Question is this: does it have push notifications? And does it chew up battery life?

Oct 22, 2016

@nickfaith82 Not promising. Then again, hasn’t Trump said we would be at the front of the queue?

Oct 22, 2016

Hello people of Twitter. Any recommendations on the best Android twitter app these days? Ideally something akin to Tweetbot on iOS…

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