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The Mothership of All Alliances: Scientology and the Nation of Islam

newrepublic.com — All of this has taken a toll. According to the American Religious Identification Survey, Scientology is shrinking; between 2001 and 2008 it estimates that the number of Scientologists in the United States fell from 55,000 to as low as 25,000. (A spokesperson for the Church dismissed this survey, claiming steady growth and millions of members worldwide.)

Prosecution Renews Questions About Holocaust Blame

time.com — On a cold, gray morning in February, Irene Weiss waited patiently in the courtroom in Detmold, a small city in northern Germany. She had come a long way from her home in Virginia to testify in the trial of Reinhold Hanning, a former SS guard.

Transgender Americans: America’s Next Great Civil Rights Struggle

newrepublic.com — What will it take for America to accept transgender people for who they really are? On April 18, a transgender woman named Chrissy Lee Polis went to the women's bathroom in a Baltimore County McDonald's. When she came out, two teenage girls approached and spat in her face.

How College Applications Are Changing

Europe's Far Right Point Fingers After Brussels Attacks

time.com — Right wing leaders across Europe criticized European Union policies on Tuesday, blaming open borders and a failure to address Islamic fundamentalism for the terror attacks in Brussels. In the U.K., MEP Mike Hookem, a defense spokesman for the UK Independence Party, which is campaigning for Britain to leave the E.U., called for closing down the open borders between countries in the Eurozone in a press release.

Beginner's Guide to Brexit

time.com — The United Kingdom is in the throes of " Brexit" mania, now that Prime Minister David Cameron has finally called a referendum on the country's membership in the E.U. for June 23. Here's a guide for readers who may be unfamiliar with the issue: Why is Britain voting to stay or leave the European Union?

Witnesses Call for Apology From Auschwitz Guard

time.com — On the second day of the trial of Reinhold Hanning, a 94-year-old former guard in the Nazi SS who has been accused of serving in Auschwitz, survivors described in detail to the court the terror they experienced living in the death camp.

Europe Releases Proposals to Keep U.K. In Europe

time.com — More European Union President Donald Tusk released a draft on Tuesday of a proposal to renegotiate the United Kingdom's terms with the E.U. The proposals will likely be discussed at the next E.U. summit in mid-February. The proposals aren't binding, but they offer the first glimpse of what the new terms between the E.U.

Ai Weiwei Closes Exhibit to Protest Denmark's Migrant Rules

time.com — The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has announced that he will withdraw from exhibits at the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum and the Faurschou Foundation gallery in Copenhagen to protest the Danish parliament's passage of a new law to restrict migration, The Local reports.

The Race to Prosecute

time.com — Hubert Zafke, a 95-year-old former member of the Nazi SS who served as a medic at the Auschwitz concentration camp, is the latest to be prosecuted in a push by German authorities to hold the last living Nazis accountable for the Holocaust.
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Jun 26, 2015

"It is the beginning of kids not having to apologize to their families anymore because they can marry just like anybody else" Edie Windsor

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