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Arizona Republic writes mic drop endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

slate.com — The Arizona Republic newspaper has never, in its 126-year history, endorsed a Democrat for president-until Tuesday. The staunchly conservative editorial board of the reliably red state daily stressed its "deep philosophical appreciation for conservative ideals and Republican principles" before it noted "this year is different" and declared its support for Hillary Clinton for president.

Anti-Defamation League classifies white nationalist favorite “Pepe the Frog” online hate symbol.

slate.com — The Anti-Defamation League, on Tuesday, designated the cartoon character "Pepe the Frog"-an online favorite of white supremacists of the alt-right-an online hate symbol. Also known, as the "sad frog meme," the character started innocently enough in 2005 as a character with the catchphrase "feels good, man" in the online cartoon Boy's Club and did not have any racist or anti-Semitic undertones.

Colombia signs historic peace deal with FARC rebels.

slate.com — After four years of negotiations, the Colombian government and the FARC rebels officially agreed to a peace deal Monday, bringing the end to the 50-year conflict within sight. The agreement will bring the rebel group into the political process, in return for the cessation of guerilla violence that has killed some 220,000 people and displaced millions more in Latin America's longest running conflict.

The Limits of Protest in Charlotte

newyorker.com — " 'Peace'-that language can be tricky," the Rev. William Barber II said in Charlotte yesterday afternoon. Barber, a big man in his early fifties, is the president of the N.A.A.C.P. in North Carolina, and for the past three years he has been locked in conflict with the state's Republican governor, Pat McCrory, over voting rights, the minimum wage, and social services for the poor.

Pakistan’s National Baseball Team Arrives, Improbably, in Brooklyn

newyorker.com — When the Pakistani national baseball team arrived in Brooklyn, this week, to play in a qualifying round of the World Baseball Classic, it was the first time in a year that its players had set foot on a regulation baseball diamond. There are no real baseball fields at all in Pakistan, apart from two tucked away at the U.S.

Ted Cruz writes Facebook endorsement of Trump, gives a few fake reasons for caving.

slate.com — Ted Cruz and Donald Trump didn't always see eye-to-eye when they were opponents in the race for the Republican nomination. That's mostly because Donald Trump sunk to a historic, though not a personal, low in his personal attacks and innuendo on Cruz and his wife, Heidi.

Cellphone video shows Keith Scott’s wife pleading “don’t shoot him” before police fire.

slate.com — Despite public demands to see the tape, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has so far refused to release its video footage of the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott at the hands of its officers this week. The shooting of Scott, who is black, by officers provoked days and nights of sometimes peaceful, sometimes violent protests in downtown Charlotte.

CNN counts bombings and police protests as political “wins” for Trump this week.

slate.com — TGIF! Right? And since it's Friday, CNN thought that would be a good time to-ding! ding! ding!-declare a winner in the microtargeted world of weekly presidential politics. There was, of course, nothing to actually win this week because there were no ballots cast, just fleeting points to be had or lost in the imaginary mini-elections we like to call polls.

Secret Service is paying Donald Trump for airfare while providing campaign protection.

slate.com — The line between ethical and Trump is routinely straddled by Donald Trump and his campaign, particularly when it comes to money. On Thursday, Politico reported, another murky move by the Trump campaign as Federal Elections Commission records show that the Secret Service has paid Trump $1.6 million in reimbursements for Secret Service agents who fly on the candidate's plane.

Keith Lamont Scott protest turns violent in chaotic second night in Charlotte.

slate.com — A second night of protests in Charlotte, North Carolina over the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott turned violent Wednesday with police officers using tear gas to try disperse hundreds of protesters in the city's entertainment district. One person was shot and taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead, according to the Charlotte Police Chief.
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