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Sexile in Guyville: Lady Writers and the Male Celebrities They Profile

gawker.com — In GQ this month, Claire Hoffman sits down with rapper Drake for the magazine's cover story. Drake is not a horribly interesting person, and celebrity profiling is not usually a horribly interesting craft, but Hoffman wrote a great piece.

How Pat Summitt Ruined The Best Thing About Women's Basketball

deadspin.com — For girls of the late 1990s and early 2000s, UConn-Tennessee was very often the only game that mattered - the ponytail Super Bowl. Then Pat Summitt screwed it all up. Emma Carmichael explains. In a kinder world, Geno 'n' Pat would be a sitcom about a bumbling male-female cop duo.

Warriors Fans Are Herbs

Report: Jezebel to Continue Blogging

jezebel.com — Hi there. You may have read in the news today that Gawker Media, which owns Jezebel, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. This news is true, and will allow the company to restructure, but it won't affect our day to day here at Jezebel.

How should editors deal with online abuse?

theguardian.com — At Jezebel, we take a collective approach to dealing with our comments. We don't have much of a moderating staff, and so our writers, editors, and approved commenters are responsible for filtering through responses to their posts and taking the lead on having productive, substantive conversations.

Kobe Bryant Is A Predator, According To Nike, And His New Christmas Shoe Looks Like Grinch Vomit

deadspin.com — This is a regular feature in which we take a look at recent sneaker releases. The NBA returns on Sunday, which also happens to be Christmas, and lots of players are going to be wearing special Christmas-themed sneakers for the occasion. This fairly new tradition reminds me of 13-year-old girls getting special red and green (or blue and white!)

Playtime: The Animals Shooting Baskets Megamix, Set To "One Shining Moment"

deadspin.com — Animals play basketball, too. Ye Olde Shining Moment: A Basketball Montage To Remind Us How Good We Have It Now Ye Olde Shining Moment: A Basketball Montage To Remind Us How Good We Have It Now Ye Olde Shining Moment: A Basketball Montage To Re Because neither video nor Luther Vandross was around in the 1940s, the NCAA Tournaments of those...

The Incredible True Story Behind This Inspiring Video of Tommy Craggs Getting Dunked On

deadspin.com — This is a nice little story about some great undone business of Deadspin, and an allegory about male delusions of competence. Once upon a time, in a shitty downtown bar years ago, Deadspin editor emeritus Tommy Craggs declared that he could beat me in a game of one-on-one basketball.

Do Some of You People Really Stand Up When You Wipe Your Asses?

adequateman.deadspin.com — Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Got something on your mind? Email the Funbag . Today, we're covering urinals, dating your drug dealer's assistant, BIG DRESS SOCKS, and more. PROGRAMMING NOTE: Drew is on vacation, and Jezebel is running Deadspin today.

Good Morning! The Jezebel Staff Is Running Deadspin Today

deadspin.com — Hi, I'm the editor of Jezebel. Today, the Jezebel staff will be running Deadspin. Don't be alarmed. We love sports. Some of us have even played them before. Others have even covered them before. We're doing this because we think it'll be fun, and because we have lots of sports opinions to share with you.
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