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My Little Brother Made This Drawing in a Timeout

gawker.com — When my little brother Joey was about six years old, he was sent to "timeout" to think about something he'd done wrong. The thing he'd done wrong that day is now lost to family history, but my father recently unearthed the drawing it produced, and I wanted to share it with you, because it is Friday and because it is hilarious-if also very, very demented.

Here's an Open Thread

jezebel.com — Thanks for your continued support of Jezebel and Gawker Media. We're gonna go get drunk with our pals from Gawker.com. Have a great night! It was surprising to hear the news last week that right-wing billionaire investor Peter Thiel has... Read more Read more

Instead Of Hitting The Iceberg, The Titanic Should Have Gone Around It

titanic.jezebel.com — Welcome to Titanic Friday. It is what it sounds like-a day to talk about the 1997 Academy Award-winning film Titanic. We just watched the end of Titanic in the offices and it seems to me it would have gone over better for everyone if the Titanic had gone around the iceberg instead of hitting it.

Welcome to Jezebel's Senior Week

jezebel.com — This week marks Gawker Media's final few days as an independently owned media company. Next week Jezebel, along with the other sites in this fine network, will be sold at auction; after that, we'll continue to publish under a new owner.

The Thing Is, We Really 'Get' Frank Ocean: A Roundtable

themuse.jezebel.com — Frank Ocean will allegedly release his second studio album, Boys Don't Cry, today. Many people on the internet will have opinions about it, and about Frank. But ours are the best.

Sexile in Guyville: Lady Writers and the Male Celebrities They Profile

gawker.com — In GQ this month, Claire Hoffman sits down with rapper Drake for the magazine's cover story. Drake is not a horribly interesting person, and celebrity profiling is not usually a horribly interesting craft, but Hoffman wrote a great piece.

How Pat Summitt Ruined The Best Thing About Women's Basketball

deadspin.com — For girls of the late 1990s and early 2000s, UConn-Tennessee was very often the only game that mattered - the ponytail Super Bowl. Then Pat Summitt screwed it all up. Emma Carmichael explains. In a kinder world, Geno 'n' Pat would be a sitcom about a bumbling male-female cop duo.

Warriors Fans Are Herbs

Report: Jezebel to Continue Blogging

jezebel.com — Hi there. You may have read in the news today that Gawker Media, which owns Jezebel, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. This news is true, and will allow the company to restructure, but it won't affect our day to day here at Jezebel.

How should editors deal with online abuse?

theguardian.com — At Jezebel, we take a collective approach to dealing with our comments. We don't have much of a moderating staff, and so our writers, editors, and approved commenters are responsible for filtering through responses to their posts and taking the lead on having productive, substantive conversations.
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Sep 28, 2016

RT @joannarothkopf: this is a supercut of all of Rick Perry's best #DWTS moments I don't know why you're not watching it https://t.co/QGOGL8zwkX

Sep 26, 2016

teen sisters next to me on this flight are watching Chopped and Girl Meets World... would it be rude to forcefully change their channels

Sep 24, 2016

RT @DrKristie: Value of listening and cultivating personal relationships being discussed by @cschweitz @Willow_Bay @emmacargohttps://t.co/kEpGXcDPsu

Sep 23, 2016

RT @Jezebel: In Jezebel Muses, a new music video series: Jenn Wasner of Flock of Dimes chats and plays some brand new songs… https://t.co/uwSiXITdO6

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