This Is What the Modern Gun Owner Looks Like

thetrace.org — A new survey offers the most complete picture of gun ownership in America in more than two decades. An upcoming survey by researchers at Harvard and Northeastern sheds new light not just on which guns Americans own, but which Americans own guns. In many ways, the survey describes a demographic profile that's close to popular conception.

Why a New Survey From Harvard Is the Most Authoritative Assessment of American Gun Ownership in 20 Years

thetrace.org — Because the CDC avoids most gun research, it is up to academics to fill the gap. In the past two decades, Americans have added approximately 70 million firearms to their private arsenals. There are more gun owners, but they make up a slightly smaller share of the population.

Fear of Other People Is Now the Primary Motivation for American Gun Ownership, a Landmark Survey Finds

thetrace.org — A momentous shift in what kinds of firearms Americans are owning - and why - has huge implications for public health. Amid a historic plunge in the national violent crime rate, more Americans than ever are arming themselves to protect against attack by other people, a new survey of U.S.

When a Smaller Military Means Fewer Suicides

theatlantic.com — In a country with a high rate of gun ownership, shrinking the military saved lives. For us to continue writing great stories, we need to display ads. Please select the extension that is blocking ads. Please follow the steps below Thomas Reisch, a psychiatrist and researcher in Switzerland, was reviewing the rates of suicide in his country when he noticed something unusual.

How Military Reforms in Switzerland Accidentally Prevented Gun Suicides

thetrace.org — Thomas Reisch, a psychiatrist and researcher in Switzerland, was reviewing the rates of suicide in his country when he noticed something unusual. Right around 2004, the number of gun suicides substantially declined. Reisch, who serves as the medical director of a psychiatric hospital just outside of Bern, wondered why.

Making Profits On the Active Prison Market | RealClearMarkets

Making Profits on the Captive Prison Market

newyorker.com — Earlier this year, I attended a prison trade show in Louisiana, which has the nation's highest rate of incarceration. Cheery representatives from CrossBar, a Kentucky-based company, demonstrated the bendable electronic cigarettes that are sold in prison commissaries. I chatted with employees of Wallace International, which makes the automated front gates for jails.

Cartoons from the August 29, 2016, Issue

Life In A Phoenix Neighborhood Tormented By A Serial Shooter

thetrace.org — Seven unsolved homicides by the same mysterious gunman have left the Maryvale section of Phoenix deeply unsettled. "It's like you're a sitting duck." PHOENIX, AZ - Lupe Alfonso has been plagued by nightmares ever since the murders began.

The Link Between Money and Aggressive Policing

newyorker.com — On September 4, 2014, Levar Jones pulled into a gas station near Columbia, South Carolina, where he lives. It was late afternoon, around 5 P.M., and he had just stepped out of his car when a state trooper named Sean Groubert pulled up behind him and asked to see his license.
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Sep 13, 2016

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