Life In A Phoenix Neighborhood Tormented By A Serial Shooter

thetrace.org — Seven unsolved homicides by the same mysterious gunman have left the Maryvale section of Phoenix deeply unsettled. "It's like you're a sitting duck." PHOENIX, AZ - Lupe Alfonso has been plagued by nightmares ever since the murders began.

The Link Between Money and Aggressive Policing

newyorker.com — On September 4, 2014, Levar Jones pulled into a gas station near Columbia, South Carolina, where he lives. It was late afternoon, around 5 P.M., and he had just stepped out of his car when a state trooper named Sean Groubert pulled up behind him and asked to see his license.

WITNESS - The New Yorker

newyorker.com — PERSONAL HISTORY about meeting a woman who witnessed the author's crippling automobile accident ten years ago. It is fall 1996, and he is in a wheelchair. Every Thursday, he drives thirty minutes to Andover and picks up his daughters Cadence and Madeleine, fourteen and nine, from school.

Meet the Man Who Spends 10 Hours a Day Tracking Police Shootings

gq.com — How many people have been killed by police in America? No one really knows. One man in Reno, Nevada, is on a quest to find out. Yet again, cell phone footage this week captured the horrific deaths of black men at the hands of police. In Louisiana, it was Alton Sterling.

Why Prison Phone Rates Keep Going Up Even Though The FCC Regulated Them

ibtimes.com — Families of prisoners in the U.S. pay as much as $1 a minute to talk to their loved ones behind bars, which is why the Federal Communications Commission stepped in last fall to regulate the industry, which is controlled by a few private firms. And yet families expecting financial relief got a surprise in June: Their rates went up, again.

It's A Bad Day For The Internet Of Things

vocativ.com — There's a viral news story going around this morning about Samsung's Smart TV and its sinister-sounding setting that "listens" in on all your conversations. The gist: Samsung's newest TV has voice recognition software that allows you to speak to your TV and tell it what to do.

How Sig Sauer Cashed In by Selling Assault Rifles to Civilians

Omar Mateen’s Gun: How Sig Sauer Cashed In By Selling Assault Rifles To Civilians

ibtimes.com — In 2004, Sig Sauer was on the brink of collapse. The New Hampshire weapons firm, which built the assault rifle used in the June 12 massacre in Orlando, Florida, was well known for high-quality handguns. But sales were flatlining.

Orlando Shooting And Guns: Assault Weapons Advertising Goes Up, But Big Ad Agencies Won't Bite

ibtimes.com — To entice potential customers to purchase its high-powered assault rifle, Bushmaster, one of America's largest gun manufacturers, uses the slogan "Justice for All.'' Its print ads tell prospective buyers: "Consider your man card reissued." Sig Sauer, another major gun manufacturer, advertises its MCX rifle in a dramatic video of a single shooter, calling the gun the "start of a new era."

The FBI Has Spent Billions On Terror Databases. How Come They Didn’t Catch The Orlando Gunman?

ibtimes.com — Three years before Omar Mateen walked into a Florida nightclub wielding an assault rifle and handgun, he'd been questioned twice by the FBI about links to terrorist organizations overseas. But despite their direct questioning - and despite a high-tech FBI anti-terrorism database that has cost taxpayers billions of dollars to build - the gunman slipped through the FBI's reach.
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Aug 24, 2016

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