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Jacksonville TV reporter: Trump campaign asked for my questions, bagged interview

washingtonpost.com — @realDonaldTrump backs out of scheduled 1-on-1 interview w/ me after I decline to send campaign list of my questions. At 6 @ActionNewsJax pic.twitter.com/CybGLMoudx - Jenna Bourne (@jennaANjax) October 24, 2016 Jenna Bourne, a 27-year-old reporter for CBS47/Fox30 Action News Jax, has gotten a good amount of attention with the tweet above.

WikiLeaks: Clinton aide sought to give media an ‘ego boost’

washingtonpost.com — In March 2015, Hillary Clinton gave an address at an event for the prestigious Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting - a highly anticipated occasion in light of Clinton's long and fractious relationship with the national political press corps. In her remarks, Clinton reflected on being asked to "spend an evening with a room full of political reporters."

Donald Trump still has no idea about the First Amendment

washingtonpost.com — It has been almost eight months since Donald Trump dramatically declared his intent to "open up" this country's libel laws. The assertion was absurd not only because even a strong President Trump wouldn't have the executive authority to flick his wrist and upend U.S. law overnight.

Uncovered: Bill O’Reilly’s code of journalistic ethics

washingtonpost.com — Over the past 10 days, the Erik Wemple Blog has written two posts questioning a key passage in the 2015 book by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard, " Killing Reagan." The passage posited that then-ABC News correspondent Sam Donaldson confronted President Ronald Reagan at a photo op on Aug.

CNN’s Jeff Zucker attributes Lewandowski backlash to ‘inherent media bias’

washingtonpost.com — In an informative session last week at Harvard's Institute of Politics, CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker addressed the rise of Donald Trump, CNN's role therein, Don Lemon, ratings, public-service journalism and more.

Barron’s official bungles email, breaks news about layoffs

washingtonpost.com — On Friday, the Wall Street Journal's Gerard Baker sent a memo to editorial staffers whose contours are familiar to those who work in the newspaper industry: "In order to limit the number of involuntary layoffs, we will be offering all news employees around the world - management and non-management - the option to elect to take an enhanced voluntary severance benefit," wrote Baker.

The Clinton crowd's emails are scandalous, no matter who pilfered them.

startribune.com — It's a great American tradition. Activists, partisans and, yes, sleazebags lie and cheat and steal to obtain red-hot information. Then they drop it in the mailboxes of journalists in hopes of generating publicity for their cause. Happens all the time, under the approving gaze of the Supreme Court, which ruled in the Bartnicki v.

Chris Wallace puts some oomph into ‘fair and balanced’

washingtonpost.com — "Fair and balanced" is a brilliant marketing slogan for Fox News, in addition to being a crock. Viewers know the contours: News anchors commonly gang up with a conservative commentator to beat down the liberal voice in panel discussions; the choice of news stories skews rightward; et cetera.

Debate commission on climate change ice-out: ‘Dozens of issues’ don’t get time or attention

washingtonpost.com — As the final presidential debate was concluding Wednesday night, so was an astonishing moderatorial performance. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace managed a tidy, headline-making affair between two opponents who couldn't even bring themselves to shake hands at the outset. This is no contest: Chris Wallace of Fox News has run laps around all previous moderators.

Reagan video proves Bill O’Reilly’s historical fraud

washingtonpost.com — In a recent chat with his colleague and debate-moderation conqueror Chris Wallace, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly spoke about his approach to writing his "Killing" series of books. "What [co-author] Martin Dugard and I have crafted is a franchise for people who want to know about history, but they don't have time to read 900 pages.
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Oct 25, 2016

RT @GregMitch: My piece on how Tom Hayden viewed Cold War and Berlin Wall in his famous "Port Huron Statement" in 1962. https://t.co/cFprLiL0wD

Oct 25, 2016

RT @PoliticoKevin: New GOP ad in #NHSen attacks @Maggie_Hassan over sex scandal at Phillips Exeter while her husband was headmaster: https://t.co/xLwGYbnjhU

Oct 24, 2016

On CNN, Wolf Blitzer is hammering Trump spox Jason Miller on candidate's dissing of reporters, First Amendment.

Oct 24, 2016

RT @NiemanLab: The New York Times is buying the gadget and technology review site The Wirecutter for more than $30 million https://t.co/4H5Z6YJ9WR

Oct 24, 2016

Trump calls media "thieves and crooks." Then "not all of them."

Oct 24, 2016

RT @WesleyLowery: How drugs intended for patients ended up in the hands of illegal users: ‘No one was doing their job’ https://t.co/JpfFot4kZn

Oct 24, 2016

On stump, Trump citing Investor's Biz Daily poll, "most accurate" for past two cycles, he says.

Oct 24, 2016

According to Dickey memo, most of those affected will know by Oct. 25, with "actions completed by the end of the week." More grimness

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