Radio Journalist reporting in and around Columbus, Ohio. NPR affiliate @WOSU

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My name is Esther Honig and I'm a reporter for the NPR affiliate WOSU in Columbus, Ohio.

I'm from San Francisco originally, but I've called many places home over the year, like Kansas City, Mexico City, and Denver.

I'm a bilingual reporter who produces work for podcasts like Unfictional and The...

Why did you become a journalist?

I'm good at finding story angles. I see them everywhere I go. I'm also great at connecting with strangers. I also do that everywhere I go.

Did you work for your high school newspaper? If so, what did you do there?

My school wasn't big enough to have a newspaper, so I started my own zine series. A new issue was published each month and sold for $2.

What advice can you offer to aspiring journalists?

Ask yourself, what you can offer as a journalist that few others can. The world doesn't need more journalist, it needs new perspectives